Friday, October 7, 2011

White Nail Polish

 Essie, Sally Hansen, Pure Ice, E.L.F.

As I was looking through my bag of nail polishes I realized I had four whites. I thought bloggy time!! Time to compare swatches and see who takes the highest stand! Let's begin on the review, I have applied two coats of each....

Essie 'Waltz' - A soft, delicate color. More like a peachy color than can be worn as a natural color. I would feel comfortable wearing this color with about anything I wear. It looks so girly and friendly. Downside, this is a nail polish company owned by L'Oreal and they do animal testing. I became vegan earlier this year and I've had this color for about two years I believe, sorry I didn't know this way earlier. 

Sally Hansen 'Whirlwind White' -  For my taste, way too white! Looks more like a paint for walls. I really dislike this color. This is another company owned by Coty which tests on animals and refuses to stop doing so. Once again I got this nail polish way before I became vegan. I still have lots of sally hansen products which I will use up or just give them away. I won't be buying from them again in the future until they end their cruel tests.

Pure Ice 'Platinum' -My fave of all!! To me it's the perfect white!! More like a metallic sort of color. The perfect amount of shimmer to make it look elegant. I love have this color on my nails, it looks great with everything you wear!! They don't test on animals and the cost for this one is around $3 at Walmart.

E.L.F. 'White' - Very similar to Sally Hansen Whirlwind White, just a little bit paler. With this one I noticed it was a bit trickier to apply as you can see on the images. I was left with some white blotches. I would use this one for a french manicure. This is another company who don't test on animals, another reason to love their cosmetics apart from their affordable prices. ♥

Definitely Pure Ice 'Platinum' wins my ♥.
I'll be rocking this color fall and winter.



  1. I think I like the metallic colloured the most! I posted the cupcakes I made today on my blog + an decorations explanation especially for you! ;)
    Hope it helps, if you have any questions about it you can ask me. Want to follow each other?
    Love Jenna

  2. I think it's so hard to find the perfect white nail polish! I have one from Sally Hansen called White On if I remember well and it looks a lot like the one you have. I still wear it ocasionally though and like you, I have a bunch of products that were tested on animals that I won't just throw away but like you, I won't repurchase them.

  3. I love the Pure Ice colour!

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  5. Sally Hansen is the best, I think :) come to see my blog!

  6. Divine! It's so ladylike and polished :)

  7. Lovely colors... and nice blog
    PS: you are welcome at my blog :)

  8. Thanks for all the nice comments, I visited all of your blogs and left comments :)


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