Monday, November 21, 2011

Helping a Pigeon

 I was leaving my apartment with my little Lyn when we kame upon this lovely pigeon. He was just standing in the hallway, which is unusual of them because first thing they do is fly away. I was able to get near, and this kute little dovey still didn't move. I quickly noticed his feet were all black, as if he was wearing black, thick boots. Apparently his wings didn't allow him to fly well, and because of this he landed in the wrong place. On top of tar :((

I got a blanket and brought him home. With dish washing soap we were able to take most of it out, but as you can see on the image below he was still left with a bit. This is nothing compared to the way we found him! Poor little thing :((

I got to keep him all night :) I hugged him and gave him kisses, oh so loveable!!


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