Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Support Historic Bill to Ban Use of Animals in Circus

Letter to my congress woman, my original message was this:

"Ten members of the U.S. Congress have agreed to sponsor a historic bill to restrict the use of exotic and non-domesticated animals in traveling circuses. The Traveling Exotic Animal Protection Act, H.R. 3359, will end the use of wild animals in traveling circuses in the United States.

This is why I'm contacting you to ask you to support this bill. This is a great opportunity to place an end to animal cruelty in circuses, fairs and other traveling entertainment that use exotic animals.

I hope our voice is heard, thank you very much."

Her response was this ♥,

Just wanted to share this great news!! I was so excited to read she was concern as much as I was. There is definitely good hope for all these defenseless animals.

Please contact your U.S. Representative by email or phone today to ask him/her to support this bill:

To learn more about the cruelty to animals in the circus, click here:

This is ongoing till December 5th 2011. 



  1. I wrote post in Polish and English :)
    Don't you see it?

    Thank u for comment ;)

  2. Congrats on actually making a dfference :) This is such an important issue we need to fight for - well done :) xo

  3. @Lady I'm so sorry, saw it :))

    @Celeste Thank you!!


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