Monday, December 19, 2011

Holiday Nails: Red & Silver

 It's been so long since I hadn't done my nails!! I had been giving them a break from all the chemicals and only applying extra virgin olive oil as a natural method for strength. Because Christmas is around the corner, I wanted holiday colors, combining red and this nice shimmery silver.

For the reddish color, which has been my fave nail polish all year-long, is 'Tosca' by Zoya. And for the shimmery silver I think it's 'Silver Glitter' by Cosmetic Arts. Something I don't like about their nail polish is they never bring the polish name or code. I always have to go to their site and kind of guess which shade it is. Both from cruelty-free brands :))

So what I did was apply a coat of clear nail polish, two coats of 'Tosca', and for the french tip and flower design I used 'Silver Glitter', and to finish it off a coat of clear polish.

For the flower design I used this stamping kit from Salon Express which I got from Ross for only $7. Comes with everything you see down below along with 5 design plates. For the flower I used design plate 'SE19'.

I have to say I loved using this stamping kit!! I have used another one which I would always end up with a mess, but not with this one. Really easy to use and enjoyed it! I'll do a separate review for this kit.

 Liking my nails!! Kan't wait for Christmas, only 6 more days to go!!


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