Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Forest Park Day

For quite some time I had been wanting to visit a place like this where I could connect with nature and forget about all the city stress. We found this park, Simpson Park, just when I needed it. It was so peaceful listening to the trees, the birds, the rocks we stepped on. We got to hug trees and allowed its good energy flow into us. My little Lyn would see a tree here and there to run and say "Hug tree!" I wonder where she got it from? haha. To me it was an amazing feeling to feel like in the middle of a forest and feel the breeze kissing my cheeks, kind of like an Angel's kiss. On our way to a nearby cafe which is all vegan, organic, we kame across this good looking fellow, a yellow-peak white bird, hahaha, so kute. We arrived at Choices Cafe to grab a healthy lunch. We got a vegan mushroom quesadilla, and a delicious dessert. It was such an awesome day! Enjoy life every minute you kan. Namaste ♥

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