Wednesday, January 11, 2012

HANA Misikko Flat Iron Review

It wasn't until a few weeks ago I first heard of this brand. HANA is a flat iron that claims to be better than the CHI flat iron. Could it be?? At least all of a sudden I have been seeing all over the internet ads for the HANA'S flat irons.

Shipping was rather fast. I believe it took around three days to get. I like how everything came nicely packaged, in matching colors white and purple. To me a nice touch. Showing they actually took the time to place everything nicely inside.

Inside was included: HANA pro 1" flat iron, small satin bags with, hair shine, hair brush, hand sanitizer (I don't understand why they would send this but comes very useful to place inside your purse), nail file, eye cover, fake purple rose petals (has a nice scent of violet), iron pouch, heat proof mat, and tin case.

A few extra goodies, two e.l.f. products. A shimmering facial whip in 'Pink Lemonada' and a hypershine lipgloss in 'Fairy'. Which is a plus for a company to send extra products, especially more coming from a brand who doesn't test on animals which is very important to me.

Before starting straightening (also good to use to flip and curl) my hair I apply 'Hana ShineShield' about dime size amount because I heave really long hair, if you have shorter hair you'll need less because it's kind of greasy but leaves hair smelling really good and feeling soft. It smells kind of like shampoo with girly, flower scent. It could be use on wet or dry hair. It reads: "Hana ShineShield is an advanced lightweight leave-in treatment that strengthens & protects your hair from heat, styling and every stress."

I set up my iron to 302° before brushing my hair and applying the 'ShineShield' so that's it heating up while I'm doing these steps. With one hand I hold my rat tail comb while with the other I slide down the iron through my hair. Final results....... compared to my wavy hair which you can see here how it usually is. Leaves my hair feeling so soft and smelling good.

Heat adjusts. You have five settings to choose from depending on the type of hair you have. Unlike the Chi, you only turn it on and good to go.
Damp hair. Using the hana iron is safe to use on damp hair, the chi is recommended on dry hair.
Warranty. Has 2 years warranty, Chi only has 1 year warranty.
Cord. Just like the Chi it has a swivel cord, and but it's 8 ft. long!

Leather pouch. An animal-friendly version like faux leather would be much nicer to own.
Flash heat. As it's heating up, the red light is stable, when it's ready to use it starts flashing. To me it's confusing, for some reason I think it should be the other way around. When I see it flashing I think it's still getting to my desired setting.
Cases. I feel like the two cases with the silicone mat is too much, they occupy space. Maybe incorporating a case into a mat, like having two-in-one pouch would be a nice idea.

Would I recommend it?? Yes, definitely. Hanas has some of the best hair straighteners you can find. For about the same price I think you get more from an Hana pro iron than the Chi flat irons. Down below I have included a photo of my two irons. Somehow the Hana plates seem a bit smaller than the Chi, but no biggie.


PS. I received this Hana Pro Iron in exchange of reviewing it. All opinions are 100% mine.


  1. Good review but I personally love my Karmin iron.

    1. Thanks for passing by. I'm not familiar with that brand but will look into it.


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