Thursday, January 23, 2014

Eco-Friendly Pads

A while back I got hooked on cloth pads! I was not familiar with them until I started seeing so many ladies on the internet talking about them! So I wanted to try them myself! I first began with the LunaPads, not knowing I could have gotten them at a better deal elsewhere. I bought this set from them and they are awesome! The good thing about them you spend on pads one time and they are reusable for a very long time! Not worrying about having to go to the store whenever you run out, and you save more on the long run. I've had these for more than a year and they have worked perfect for me. You might wonder if they stain but they don't if you use the proper cleaning method. I make my own cleaning mixture with simple ingredients. I mix 1 part baking soda, 1 part borax, and 1/2 part grated natural soap. I leave them soaking for a few hours, rinse them, and soak them again. After this they are completely clean and I just air dry them or place them in the washing machine.

This time I wanted to get a different set of pads at a more affordable price. I found a few sites, but I found Etsy had the best prices. I found one particular seller by the name Just Fussy. I got from her the 6' inch cloth liners for $34.50 and all in different shades of the rainbow! They are so well made, very soft, and I like how the buttons match the thread. Not to mention cloth liners is the most Eco-friendly way to use feminine pads.

So I wanted to share a video where I talk about these pads, sharing what I think about them, and at the end of the video I do a mini review on Matys natural vapor rub, and baby vapor rub.

Just Fussy -

Glad Rags -
Lunapads -
Party in my Pants -
Sckoon -

Matys Baby Vapor Rub -
Matys Vapor Rub -

Until next time! Bye ;))

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