March 30, 2015

Justin Bieber Wants to Marry Me?

Sweet 27

About a month ago I told my sister Ariana Grande was going to be in concert. I knew about her concert even before 2015 was here, and coincidentally it was going to be same day of my birthday. It was my sister’s idea to go. I didn’t pay much attention to Ariana until recently with her hit songs ‘Problem’ and ‘Break Free’. My favorite song of hers has got to be ‘Love Me Harder’. She has a great voice, and I started liking her even more when she announced she had gone vegan! Woo hoo for the animals!

Initially I wasn’t planning on going to her concert, but I told my sister why not. The day of the concert arrived. The concert didn’t begin until 7:30 pm but I don’t know why I thought the whole day it began at 7 pm. I started getting ready around 3 pm. I made myself a bagel burger with Bocas chick’n patty. I added sliced tomato, shredded lettuce, and vegenaise to add flavor and with seasoned potato fries on the side. It was sooo delicious!

Then it was time to plan my outfit. Deciding what to wear on the bottom was easy, I had leggings from the Kardashian Kollection in mind that goes with everything. As for the top I had three in mind…

one: A wine color Charlotte Russe top with lace design on the back that my sister gave me as a gift, two: a DKNY Jeans satin black top with gray sheer fabric on the sides, or three: a gray Express top also with sheer layers. As you can tell from the photo I went with the gray top!

Birthday balloon my mom gave me 🙂

Outfit on? Check! Moving on to the makeup and hair. I went with classic makeup…

  • Toner – Hair by Kiss Rose Water (It’s meant for the hair but it’s so pure that you can use it on your skin too and leaves it so clean and soft)
  • Foundation -Gabriel in ‘True Beige
  • Concealer/Undereye – e.l.f. Cover Everything Concealer in ‘Medium
  • Face Powder – Bare Minerals in ‘Medium Beige’
  • Blush – Bare Minerals in ‘Warmth
  • Lip Moisturizer – Fanciful Fox Lip Tint ‘Peach
  • Eyebrows – Rich On Cosmetics Eyebrow Kit
  • Eyeshadow – Au Naturel Eye Color Collection
  • Top liner – Milani Pencil Eyeliner ‘Black‘ (same one I use to tight line)
  • Liquid Liner – Milani Liquid Eyeliner ‘Blackest Black
  • Bottom Liner – Prestige Eyeliner  in ‘Sage
  • Mascara – PF Mascara Duo in ‘Glam Brown
  • Lipstick – e.l.f Lipstick in ‘Fearless
  • Oil Scent – Auric Blends Oil Perfume in ‘Aphrodesia

Nice makeup? Check! As for my hair I just used my CHI straightener. Now I was ready to paaaahty! Haha. My parents took care of my little Lyn while we headed for some fun. On our way there we saw the Ultra Music Festival from the metromover. There were a lot of people!

We got to the American Airlines Arena around 7:30 pm and took some photos before going inside. The line was kind of long but they were working quite quickly to get us all in. My sister had been craving pizza so for pizza hunt we went. They had Papa John’s small sized boxes for $9 each. I bit pricey I think for a tiny pizza.

The concert started with special guest Rixton from the UK. He’s good looking but doesn’t sing my type of music. Fans were going crazy for him. But finally Ariana Grande appeared almost two hours later. She began the concert with ‘Bang Bang’ ♪♫

They had awesome lighting, I’m always in awe with all the light color effects.Two of my favorite parts were Ariana Grande singing over a cloud and also singing over a chandelier.

Almost at the end the unexpected happened, by now everyone already knows, Justin Bieber made a surprise appearance!! He started singing with her ‘Love Me Harder’ The crowd just went wild!! He also sang “All That Matter’s” and my favorite Biebs song, ‘As Long As You Love Me‘ ♥

We had such a great time despite Ariana starting late. Our way back home was a little hectic, the metromover was full of people from Ariana’s concert and people from the Ultra festival. But we finally made it. We even got off a station prior to our usual station. We were in Mary Brickell Village and we decided for Pad Thai last minute at Sushi Maki. It was delicious!

And this is when the best thing happened…

As we were heading home we were waiting to cross the street. I remember a white car. Then two black cars. My sister jokingly said, “Hey, they look like Justin Bieber’s cars” When the first car passed by, the back seat window rolled down, and someone said, “Hey guys” and guess what?!! It was the one and only Justin Biebs! Omgosh! Too bad I don’t have the right contact prescription so my vision isn’t perfect, but my sister said, “It’s him!! It’s Justin Bieber!” Whaaat?!! The cars were going slow and he even had his head out the window as if waiting for us to react. We just stared at him in disbelief! We couldn’t believe he was in our neighborhood at that time and moment. Coincidence? Meant to be? Everything happens for a reason? Whatever the reasoning behind it, he sure made this my most memorable birthday ever, haha. I’ll never forget that. Thanks Justin Bieber :))))))

If you could get to talk to Justin Biebs what would you tell him?
If I had a chance to see him again I would like to say he was great at Ariana’s concert and it was great seeing him back on stage. That he made this birthday the most memorable one and would ask to take a picture together. 

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