Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Hair Care Routine UPDATE

It's been a while since I posted my last hair care routine. Many of the products are still the same but a few have changed. This is an updated hair care routine that I'm sharing after I did the keratin treatment.

My hair was not looking so great recently. I was kind of upset that my hair went from beautiful-looking to dull and dry. I even stopped receiving compliments on my hair and I had colored it a few times. For a long time I had considered getting keratin for my hair and finally decided to go for it. I had a good experience and you can read more about it here.

Now that my hair is back on track and I plan on keeping it this way, I will share what I have doing and will continue to do....

My Hair Care Routine UPDATED

1. Brushes/Combs
I came across the Bean Brush at Ross. I first bought it for my daughter because she would always complain it hurt to detangle her hair. The brush claims it won't pull or damage your hair and you can use it on wet or dry hair. This was the perfect solution for my daughter I thought. Now days people always tell me how beautiful her hair is and so I decided to get one for me. It doesn't hurt when I use it and it gets rid of tangles so quickly and effortlessly.

I got the comb as a gift and it's from Acca Kappa. I like their company for providing high quality brushes that are hand finished and made from 100% reforested trees. The one I use is #402 and it's made from Beechwood. I mainly use it on rare occasions when I straighten my hair with my CHI iron.

2. Shampoo/Conditioner
I always like trying out new hair products that are sulfate and paraben free. I got the mango shampoo and conditioner by while browsing the Burt's Bees section at Target. The bottle says it will give you natural shine, and reduce frizz. One thing to keep in mind after Keratin treatment is you need to use sulfate free shampoo to make the treatment last longer. Using these products is helping me maintain soft, shiny, and sweet smelling hair and rinses very well. I concentrate the shampoo on the scalp of my head and I use the conditioner for the bottom section. Have to call these a favorite!

3. Soft Towel
I still use the same towel from last time I did my hair care routine. I love this Diva Dryer microfiber towel because it absorbs water really well and the material is so soft it won't damage your hair. I leave it on for about 10 to 15 minutes until my hair feels damp and then I let it air dry. I also bought this product from Ross.

4. Heat Protectant
I got this product as a birthday gift and you can see it in my birthday haul video. I still use the TRESemmé Heat Protectant spray but now I have been using Shea Radiance Thermal Protection natural product more often. It's important to protect our hair whenever we plan to use heat. Now that I did keratin treatment I enjoy waking up with my hair just the way it is because it feels like I'm just ready to leave out the door. With the keratin treatment my hair is so manageable and there's no frizz at all but if I do plan on using my CHI flat iron then this is a must for me.

5. CHI Iron
My hair still has natural long waves but if I wanted I can still straighten it. This is my go to tool for whenever I want a straight sleek hair look, or for curls. This is why I like it because it's so versatile you can get various looks from just one iron. 

6. Oils
I stopped using oils for a while with no apparent reason which was a no-no for me when my hair needed it the most. I still use coconut oil, but if not I go for my other two favorites, almond oil or one that my sister gave me as a gift called MOA. These are natural oils that will restore shine in your hair. I love the scent of coconut oil and the almond oil apart of being great for the hair it's also great to get hard nails. MOA oil contains melaleuca, omega-3, and argan oil. I have to say I loooove the scent of this last oil. It literally smells like a cupcake you would want to eat. Any of these oils will leave your hair soft and shiny and I like to apply it same day I shower when my hair is dry just to the ends of my hair.

Looks very much like my hair.

Apart from all the products I have mentioned I still have a plant-based diet. I enjoy eating veggies and fruits. I like drinking filtered water everyday and I have started intaking vitamins. Although I am not pregnant I am taking the Deva Prenatal Vitamins. Pregnant women always have beautiful hair thanks to the vitamins they take with folic acid. I remember when I was pregnant I had the most amazing hair and everyone liked it.

Thanks for passing by and reading my blog, until next blog post or video.
Acca Kappa combs are designed to protect the hair's natural beauty by reducing damage and breakage to hair. They are unique in both natural beauty and design. 7.0" - See more at:

Acca Kappa combs are designed to protect the hair's natural beauty by reducing damage and breakage to hair. They are unique in both natural beauty and design. 7.0" - See more at:
Acca Kappa combs are designed to protect the hair's natural beauty by reducing damage and breakage to hair. They are unique in both natural beauty and design. 7.0" - See more at:

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