Thursday, August 6, 2015

Today I Met Dulce Candy! #TheSweetLife

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Hey everyone! What an amazing day today! Today I got to see Dulce Candy for the first time in person :)) She is currently in her book tour for The Sweet Life. I still have a smile ear to ear after I took pictures with her!

Dulce Candy is so humble just like in her videos. I remember watching her videos within the first year she started. I always thought of doing videos myself but I never felt confident. I didn't feel confident being in front of a camera and always thought I didn't have the right camera or lighting setup. Now days I already got over that and I have ventured to having my own YouTube channel as well :))

I was literally shaking and so nervous to meet her, haha. I usually get like this when I meet a YouTuber and I don't know why lol. I gave her a card with a special message and I can't believe she asked for my number to keep in touch!! Ahhhh! :D She is truly sooo sweet! Hence her name Dulce Candy which translates to Sweet Candy, gotta love her name too!

I started reading the first chapter and I can't wait to keep updating this post with more pictures and I will also have a vlog coming up! Stay tuned :)

UPDATE 8/7 - I started reading chapter 2 and I love it. She talks about how her family migrated to the US, what high school was like for her, and why she decided to join the military. I added three new photos and I plan to have the vlog from this day up on my vlog channel this coming week after I upload previous vlogs.

UPDATE 8/25 - Vlog is up! Check it out down below :)

UPDATE 9/10 - The book was so wonderful to read!! I couldn't put the book down and I read it in a matter of days! I even ended up crying at the end of the book and I mentioned it in my English favorites video here and Spanish favorites video here.

Instagram @ LynSire
I love her handwriting <3
If you get the book during her book tour you will get this cruelty-free shampoo and a $2 coupon :)

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