Friday, March 25, 2016

Easter Haul with Little Lyn!

Target Haul, Easter Haul, 2016

Hello guys! This time in the mommy/Lyn's channel we have a short mini Target Easter haul! Those were a lot of words to describe a haul! haha We had so much fun filming this video...

I'm a big fan of shopping from the dollar section at Target! Every time we go I just can't pass it up. It's like a magnet to me, and everything is so adorable for an affordable price. Adorable and affordable? Hey, that rhymes! This time we got a few things Easter related and we wanted to share them with you.

To see the cute things we got keep scrolling down for pictures + video :))

Target Haul, Easter Haul, 2016
Some cute bunnies ♥
Target Haul, Easter Haul, 2016
Burlap and linen baggies! Hint, hint! Future giveaway?

Watch the video below:

Do you have any plans for this Easter? We would like to hear from you! Happy Easter, and until next time :)


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