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How to Protect Your Jewelry / Cómo Proteger tus Joyas

How to Protect Your Jewelry: 1 Step DIY

Hello guys! This is a quick tutorial on how you can protect your jewelry from rusting or from loosing rhinestones pieces.

Who doesn't like jewelry? Most of us do and I know I get a lot of jewelry pieces from Forever 21. They're pretty but because they are cheap the color starts fading after a while.

To keep my jewelry in good condition and always looking like new I like doing this simple method. And that's simply just applying a protective spray coat to my bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. This will stop from rusting and tarnishing your cheap jewelry. Not only does this keep your jewelry shiny, but the spray acts as a barrier between the skin and Forever 21's toxic metal. It's hard to avoid toxic chemicals when you shop for cheap options but you can always find good quality jewelry alternatives on Etsy shop.

You will need...

Method 1: Clear spray
The next part is gathering your jewelry and go somewhere well ventilated. I live in an apartment so I make sure to turn on my fan and open the door to let the spray odor out. Now just lay your jewelry out on the newspaper or cardboard and spray it with the clear paint. My spray bottle says to hold the can about 10 to 12 inches away and it dries in 10 to 15 minutes. You can handle after 2 hours.

Method 2: Clear nail polish
In the beginning when I didn't have clear spray available I would use clear nail polish. It works good but because the consistency is thick I find that the jewelry rhinestones looses a lot of detail. This is why I prefer using clear spray much better because it's just one thin layer of protection and the jewelry detail remains intact.

That's basically it! I told you this was an easy 1 step DIY! I like to keep my jewelry in a cute jewelry organizer by Spirit Ranch Creations to maximize the life of my jewelry. I have this on the back of my closet door. This will keep the jewelry separate and prevent any tangles and scratches, plus is looks cute and I can also hang my sunglasses!

Watch video below:


Some of my jewelry pieces / Algunas de mis joyas

Use clear nail polish or clear spray / Usa pintura de uñas transparente o spray transparente

Using clear spray / Usando spray transparente

Hamsa necklace / Collar Hamsa

My jewelry organizer / Mi organizador de joyas

My jewelry organizer is from Spirit Ranch Creations / Mi organizador de joyas es de Spirit Ranch Creations

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Cómo proteger tus joyas: DIY de 1 paso

Hola chicos! Este es tu tutorial rápido de cómo proteger tus joyas de que se oxiden o que no pierdan las piedritas.

A quien no le gustan las joyas? A la mayoría de nosotros nos gusta y yo sé que yo compro varias mis piezas de joyas en Forever 21. Son bonitas pero porque son  baratas el color se les borro después de un tiempo.

Para mantener mis joyas es buena condición y que siempre se vean como nueva me gusta hacer este simple método. Y es simple aplicando una capa de spray protector a mis pulseras, aretes, y collares. Esto va a prevenir que no se oxiden tus joyas baratas. No solo mantiene tus joyas con brillo, sino que también el spray actúa como una barrera entre la piel y el metal toxico de Forever 21. Es difícil de prevenir los químicos tóxicos cuando compras opciones baratas pero puedes conseguir joyas de buena calidad en la tienda Etsy.

Vas a necesitar...

Método 1: Spray transparente
La próxima parte es agarrar tus joyas y ve a un lugar bien ventilado. Yo vivo en apartamento así que me aseguro de tener el ventilador encendido y abro la puerta para dejar que el olor del spray salga. Ahora pon tus joyas en el papel periódico o en un cartón y le echas el spray transparente. Mi botella de spray dice de mantener la botella a distancia de 10 a 12 pulgadas y se seca entre 10 a 15 minutos. Se puede tocar después de 2 horas.

Método 2: Pintura de uñas transparente
Al principio cuando no tenía disponible el spray transparente usaba la pintura de uñas transparente. Trabaja bien pero la consistencia es gruesa veo que los detalles de piedras en las joyas pierden mucho detalle. Por eso es que prefiero usar el spray transparente porque es solo una capa de protección y los detalles en las joyas se mantienen intactos.

Eso es básicamente todo! Te dije que era una fácil DIY de 1 paso! Me gusta mantener mis joyas en este organizador de joyas de Spirit Ranch Creations para maximizar la vida de mis joyas. Lo tengo atrás de la puerta de mi closet. Esto mantendrá las joyas separadas y va a prevenir que se enreden o que se rayen, aparte se ve más bonito y también puedo colgar mis lentes de sol!

Mira el video abajo:

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  1. Loved this! I think a clear coating is necessary on some jewelry :)

    xoxo, Jenny

  2. Great advice. I always find it hard to deal with my jewelry tarnishing. I will try these solutions.

  3. Wonderful advice and I like the way you hang up your necklaces.

  4. Why have I never done this! I don't like spending too much on jewelry, but I regret it when they start to tarnish. How long does the spray protection last?

  5. This was sooooo helpful!!! I feel like my jewelry is ALWAYS tarnishing. Thank you for this!

  6. I never would've thought of this!!! Thank you for sharing! SO smart on some pieces!

    Rachel |

  7. So smart to use the clear spray! I buy a lot of cheap costume jewelry because I don't wear jewelry all that often, so I need to do this.

  8. I definitely need to try this! I've never thought to use clear spray.

    - Cait |

  9. I didn't know you could do this! I tend to throw away pieces after a while because they look dull and yucky, but this could totally eliminate that!

  10. Love, Love, love your jewelry organizer!!

  11. These are great tips! I have sensitive ears and have been told applying clear nail polish on the earrings before I wear them would help protect my ears as well!

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