Wednesday, September 7, 2016

September Goals / Metas de Septiembre 2016

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Hello guys! So another month just passed by so quickly and it's time to achieve more goals in September!

So last month for the first time I shared some goals I wanted to accomplish in my August Goals blog post and I want to share what I achieved, didn't achieve, and the new goals for September....

Did I achieve my August goals?

1. Read 1 book? Achieved!
So I'm happy to say I achieved this goal. I finished this goal last minute but I was able to finish reading Eat Pretty. After reading Eat Pretty it gave me a whole new perspective on how I should be eating. I feel like there were a lot of things I was eating wrong, and now I feel motivated to eat healthier. To look great on the outside, you need to take care of what you put inside. I learned a lot and I like that in the book there are different food recommendations according to yearly seasons. This book talks about the benefits of consuming tea, herbs & spices, raw foods, and more. Really enjoyed it and I recommend it. Just a heads up, if you're vegan this book talks about salmon, eggs, and honey.

2. Watch 2 documentaries? Achieved!
Another goal achieved. I barely watch any movies and I had been wanting to see a few. I was able to watch with my boyfriend Twinsters and Tony Robbins. Twinsters is about two twin sisters separated at birth when they were adopted by different families. One of the twins grew up in the US while the other twin grew up in France. Both of them didn't know of each others existence until one of their friends saw one of the twins in a YouTube video. I like that in the documentary you get to see how they reconnect once again via Facebook messages, phone calls, video calling, and then they finally meet in person! It was fun, and sweet to watch.

And watching Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru was another good choice. A few inspirational YouTubers I follow had recommended this movie and I wanted to see it. When I hear the name Tony Robbins I know how he physically looks, but it was totally new to me to see his personality. He's a guy that goes straight to the point and will find a solution to your emotional well being. No wonder to go to one of his events costs a lot of money but now I see how well worth it it is.

3. Upload 8 videos on my channels? Achieved!
So I said I wanted to post more on our YouTube channels. I have four channels and I was able to keep up with my two main channels. Posting a new video each week for my English channel and Spanish channel. I missed one week in my Spanish vlog channel, and I haven't put new content in the mommy/ Little Lyn channel.

4. Post more regularly? Failed!
So I did miss this goal from not posting 1 time. I had mentioned I wanted to post more regularly on my blog, and my goal was to post twice a week. I'm glad I blogged more often comparing that I used to blog once a week. 

5. Launch free printable/ ebook? Failed!
I didn't get to this goal. I did plenty of blog posts but none of which I offered a free printable as I had planned.

6. Clean my email inbox? Failed!
My goal was to clean both of my Yahoo, and Gmail inboxes. I use Yahoo for more personal stuff like my bank account, library account, CVS coupons, and more. I have been able to maintain it clean after I had over 500 emails. I still need to get around my Gmail where I have another 500 emails :(

7. Sell photos? Achieved!
So I'm happy that I was able to open my new Etsy store! My new Etsy store is about stock photography for bloggers, designers, shop owners like Etsy, or just anyone. I have my first few photos for sale with a $4 off coupon with the code NEWSHOPYAY.

8. Start gigs on Fiverr? Achieved!
So I joined Fiverr to become an editor. On Fiverr I have been getting a few gigs to edit photos, and videos. I completed a few jobs with 5-stars rating. You can visit my Fiverr profile in case you want to work with me.

9. Amazon affiliate program? Failed!
My goals was to make over $50 but I don't have much control over how much I will make each month. Sometimes I will make more, and sometimes less. For the month of August I made about $45.

Now new month, and can't wait to achieve more goals....


1. Read 1 book.
I want to keep reading one book each month. If I can read at least two books that would be ideal. This month I will start reading Make Up: Your Life Guide to Beauty, Style, and Success by the YouTuber Michelle Phan. She's the first YouTuber I ever started watching, and I can't wait to read this book!

2. Watch 2 documentaries.
One documentary I want to see this month which is available on Netflix is Cooked. From what I heard Cooked is suppose to give you a better a new perspective on food and the way we eat. I'll be honest, I'm not looking forward to see the meat part since I'm a big animal lover. I don't know which documentary to see as my second option.

3. Upload 8 videos on my channels.
Working with my planner I have been able to schedule my things more effectively. I want to continue uploading a new video in my English channel and Spanish channel each week. I also want to have at least one new video each week for my Spanish vlog channel, and the mommy/ Lyn channel.

4. Write 8 posts for my blog.
I want to continue posting twice a week on my blog without failing any week. I know I can do this!

5. Launch free printable/ giveaway.
I want to have something new for my blog this month and it could either be a free printable that I can give to my readers or some type giveaway.

6. Clean my email inbox.
Without failing by this month I want to have a clean Gmail inbox. I know it shouldn't be a big deal but I don't like seeing on my phone the red icon telling me how many unread emails I have :((

7. Sell photos.
I'm happy I finally I have my Etsy store open and I want to continue adding more photos. I can't wait to have more stock photos available for sale! :))

8. Work more on Fiverr.
I'm happy this is going good. This month I want to promote my Fiverr gigs more to complete more jobs.

9. Amazon Affiliate Program.
I want to be able to make a steady income of $50 or more each month. I will use the affiliate links on my YouTube channels and on my blog.

10. Sell T-Shirts.
This will be something new. I've had this idea for a while and I have decided that instead of postponing it this will be the month. I don't know how the whole selling t-shirt business is but I want to spread more of the veganism message in a modern, yet cute, trendy way :))

What are some of your goals? I would love to know! Thanks for passing by as always and I'll be off working on my September goals :))

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  1. I love the 'watch 2 documentaries' goal! I try to watch one at least a month but sometimes get caught up in being busy. So I'm going to try this goal myself.
    Also, I have been going through the same thing with the regular postings. Sometimes I am good and sometimes I just don't the environment to post regularly and I don't want the content on the blog to suffer. Some people can make more time than others, it's all about what you feel is important to make the best content. So don't beat yourself up over that goal, because you'll get there. Especially when the fall comes and things slow down a bit!

    1. So true Maggie. Thanks for your sweet comment! Have a wonderful week :))

  2. Great goals! What kind of work are you doing on Fiverr? I want to read more and watch some new documentaries too!

    1. Hi Rachel, I do editing. Photo, and video editing :))

  3. Love this! So great to set goals. xx, gracie

  4. Congrats on all the things you've achieved in August! I can't wait for you to update us for September!

  5. These are some really amazing goals! You have actually managed to achieve a lot more, kudos to you! And congrats on opening your Etsy store. I had never heard of Fiverr, will have to check it out now.
    xx, Kusum |

    1. Thanks for your sweet comment! I wish you a lovely week <3

  6. I always have a goal to read 1 book, but I always end up failing that one. I really need to get into reading more instead of being on the computer so much!


    1. Hehe, I think that happens to all of us. So many distractions now days. I always try to keep up with my schedule so that I don't get distracted.

  7. Awesome i was thinking of doing the same for selling shirts as well. hopefully it all goes well for the both of us. Among other goals as well. :-)

    1. Thanks for passing by Nidia!! Let me know how it goes for you! :))


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