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How to Make Bilingual Blog Posts

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How to Make Bilingual Blog Posts on Blogger

As a bilingual blogger for the longest time I searched for a way to make my blog posts bilingual. I even thought of running two blog's but I thought that would be too much work, and maybe not even worth it at the end.

I didn't want to risk spending extra time posting on one blog in English, and in another blog in Spanish. I just wanted to make two blog posts posts in one efficiently, but at the same time make it look beautiful.

I'm glad I finally found a way! I thought it was going to be harder than what it was but no.

I came a across a bilingual blogger, and saw how she incorporated both languages in one blog post. I thought it was so cool, and so I had to ask her! And I did :) She nicely replied back with a tutorial she followed.

Now this is how I do each time, and I want to share it with you guys :))

Original code found here.

How to Make Bilingual Blog Posts:

1. Decide which two languages you're going to use.
2. Notice in the code Language #1, and Language #2. For Language #1 I have decided to use English, and for Language #2 I use Spanish.
3. For your clickable buttons, also notice in the code 'Language #1 - Read in English', and for your second option I have 'Language #2 - Leer en Español'. You can change any of these two to your language of preference.
4. Copy and paste the code to a new blog post. Make sure to edit in HTML form in Blogger.
5. In Language #1 paste your first language post, and in Language #2 your second language post.
6.  Now you have your first bilingual blog post! Pretty neat huh? (Note: You won't be able to click on the language button in Preview mode)
7. Now you're ready to Publish, and for the world to see your bilingual blog post!

I'm glad I finally found a solution!

I like how it makes my blog posts look. Now it looks more organized, and I can include two blog posts in one. I always translate my blog posts myself because Google Translate can do a good job at translating, but some phrases or words can come out funky. 

Which languages are you going to be using? I would love to know how you're going to be using the bilingual blog posts HTML code! Let me know how it works for you, and have a great week :))

See how I used this coding in these two blog posts as examples:
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And for more blogging tips check out the Content page!

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  1. very cool and a neat way to reach out to all groups.

  2. That is neat and super easy. This is one of the better tips I have seen yet.

  3. Hola Rosalyn. Tengo un blog de comida en 2 idiomas. Los 2 idiomas están en la misma página, estaba pensando en separar de alguna forma los dos idiomas, especialmente porque dicen que google analitics no le gusta o no entiendo cuando uno tiene 2 idiomas juntos. Piensas que si uso el código para las entradas y sigo usando mis títulos y tags en español/ingles, cambia como ve google mi blog? tendría más visitas?
    Hay que poner el código en cada entrada? o es algo que se pone y ya no hay que volver a hacerlo?

    1. Hola Lizet, recién acabo de ver esta pregunta y perdón por no contestar antes. Pero es mejor tarde que nunca verdad? De echo es una muy buena pregunta y le tuve que preguntar a mi novio que trabaja profesionalmente en este tipo de ambiente.

      El me comento que si es cierto. No se recomienda tener dos idiomas en una pagina. Por cuestión de SEO es mejor hacerlo por aparte.

      Gracias por visitar mi blog!

  4. Hi Rosy, this is awesome! I am so glad I found this post, I have been trying to do this for sooo long. I ran into one problem though, how do you edit the code if you have pictures in between the text? You don't want people to have to choose their language for every paragraph, so how do you add the images in between? Like she does here:

    Thank you so much for your help!

    1. Hi, it's pretty easy. I added some examples on how I applied this same coding with photos and videos. As you're creating one blog post, just copy the photo coding to the second language. Let me know if that helps.

      Have a good weekend!


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