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October Goals / Metas de Octubre 2016

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October Goals 2016: YouTube • Blog • Business

September was kind of a worrisome month for me. I was really sick with a lot of cough and I didn't know what was going on. I had never gotten this sick so I had a few doctor appointments for some tests.

In my September Goals blog post I shared what I wanted to accomplish. Here I share what I achieved, didn't achieve, and the new goals for October....

Did I achieve my September goals?

1. Read 1 book? Achieved!
I finished reading a small book I had received from my sister as a gift which is called The Little Book of Mindfulness. It's a simple book to read and it has lots of ways to be mindful during your day. It gives you little exercises to do to help you become more mindful. I finished reading this during my doctor visits. What I like to do, I will randomly select a page and practice that exercise for the day. It helps me relax and be more stress-free​. I recommend this book to all of you.

Another book I started reading is Make Up: Your Life Guide to Beauty, Style, and Success by the YouTuber Michelle Phan. This is a bigger book to read with plenty of pretty photographs of Michelle Phan. In this book she talks more about her personal life, gives beauty tips, job tips, and more. I want to finish this book this month.

2. Watch 2 documentaries? Achieved!
Achieved this goal! We started watching Cooked but I didn't know it was four episodes. Fire, water, air, and earth. So far with my boyfriend we have seen water and air which each episode is about one hour long. So far it has inspired me to play more with spices when I prepare our meals and I want to start making bread from home. Usually bread that you get at the grocery store is full of unnecessary ingredients but basic bread should only have three: wheat flour, water, and salt.

We also got to see with Little Lyn Casper and Spirited Away. We are getting better at making time to see movies. Something we didn't do before.

3. Upload 8 videos on my channels? Achieved!
Even though I got pretty sick this past month I still managed to upload 8 videos in my English channel and Spanish channel. I did good with my Spanish vlog channel, but I still haven't uploaded anything to the mommy/ Little Lyn channel.

4. Write 8 posts for my blog? Failed!
I did manage to post one or twice a week but I didn't post a total of 8 blog posts. Me being sick required my time at doctor visits and medical exams to see what was affecting me.

5. Launch free printable/ giveaway? Achieved!
I'm happy I held my first giveaway on my YouTube channels. I was giving a way a full set of 16 cruelty-free makeup brushes. It was a success and the winner was Paola from Mexico. I can't wait to do more international giveaways in the future.

6. Clean my email inbox? Achieved!
I was able to completely clean my Yahoo inbox once again. My Gmail inbox has less emails. I erased everything I didn't need but I still have newsletter emails to read.

7. Sell photos? Achieved!
Happy to say that I added even more photos on my Etsy store! I already made my first sale and it made me so happy! I can't wait to add more photos, and I have a new idea in mind to add to my Etsy store. So stay tuned for that! You can use coupon code THANKYOU for $2 off on any photo or set.

8. Work more on Fiverr? Achieved!
I have been getting more gigs and I have been getting 5 star reviews. Everything good so far.

9. Amazon affiliate program? Failed!
My goals is still to make more than $50 per month. Last month I made $49.07, almost there.

10. Sell T-Shirts? Failed!
With me being sick I didn't get to this. This month I will watch a few videos to learn tips and be very informed of this business before I venture into it.

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For the new month of October I want to make up for what I missed. The goals will pretty much be consistent each month...

1. Read 1 book.
I want to finish reading Make Up: Your Life Guide to Beauty, Style, and Success by YouTuber Michelle Phan. The other book I want to read is The Elements of Style which I got from my sister. This will help me improve my writing skills which will be beneficial for my blog. 

2. Watch 1 documentary.
This month I want to finish watching Cooked. Cooked is divided into four episodes: fire, water, air and earth. We already saw water, and air. We still need to see earth, and fire.

3. Launch free printable.
I want to have something new to give away to my readers and I'm thinking of creating a few printables. It could be either beauty tips, a checklist, or guide that my readers will find useful. 

4. Sell T-Shirts.
I still have this goal in mind. It's really important to me to spread more of the veganism message. Especially now that I've been more sensitive than other times about animals being mistreated.

5. Organize more.
Even though it was not in my goals last month but I have been organizing more. I achieved the bathroom. Now I want to organize the pantry closet and my bedroom closet and live a more minimal life.

Can't wait to accomplish my goals now in October! What goals do you have? I can't wait to get to them and let you guys know how it goes! Thanks for passing by and until next time :))

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