Friday, October 14, 2016

Ross Haul / Baúl de Ross

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Try On Ross Haul (whole foods + ikea)

I love shopping at Ross! I love going to Ross for the variety of items that you can shop there. From beauty items, clothes, fashion pieces, shoes, and so much more! The best thing is that the prices are so affordable!

I have been shopping at Ross for years. Before I remember that it was a tradition to go to church on Sundays and then stop by Ross to see what things to buy. This is how I always wanted one day to work at Ross. I was a teenager back then and when I finished high school I got the job at Ross. But that's a whole different story.

Every time I go to Ross I accumulate the things we get so that I can share the things I find in a haul video. Now I just go a couple of times every few months because I know that if I go often I will want to spend money on each trip and that is not good on my pocket. I'm trying to save money for other things.

On the last few trips I found a few clothing pieces. I love shopping for dresses at Ross. One of my favorite brand is Sweet Storm I think half of my dresses in my closet are this brand. I find Sweet Storm clothes at Ross or if you google it you can also find it online.

Lately I'm also trying to live a more minimal life. If you follow me on Snapchat I have shared all of the things I have been getting rid of. I'm trying to be more minimalist so I apply the rule that if I'm bringing in stuff, I make sure to take out bags of items too.

Of course when I go shopping I can't forget about Little Lyn. I always see cute things that I like and I think she's going to like as well. And I always think of my mom and my sister too. So not necessarily do I wait for a special occasion to give them gifts. I like t o surprise them randomly.

I also got a few items from Whole Foods for me. I like Whole Foods because they are more conscious about what they sell. I like that at Whole Foods you will find things that are natural, organic, and vegan. And at Ikea I got a few items for Little Lyn. I like Ikea for having beautiful furniture pieces, and I like to eat there the vegan veggie meatballs. So yummy!

What are some of your favorite stores? If you shop at Ross, what do you like getting? Let me know! I love putting together these haul videos where I include clothes, fashion, and a bit of style. Thanks for passing by, and have a great week! :))

List of things I bought...

Sweet Storm dresses
Joei & i dress RN# 50296
Silver Pants RN# 131114
XOXO Lingerie XO3647A
Nicole sandals
BeMine NYC Handbag Charm
Under One Sky Bag Charm
XOXO HeadbandHimalayan Pink Salt
Ice Cream Bar Clay Dough
Art for Me Frame

Bass Brushes Comb

Ikea Train Set
Ikea Rats
Ikea Finger Puppet

Watch video below:

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