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September Favorites / Favoritos de Septiembre 2016

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September Favorites 2016 (cruelty-free + vegan)

Another bittersweet month has passed by! Everything is going really well with my boyfriend and I. Little Lyn is doing well in school. Parents are happy to be moving. Only downside is that I was sick. Really sick. I had no idea what has happening. I had a lot of cough but it wasn't flu. I never had any fever , sneezing, or runny nose. Jut plain strong cough. And I had no idea what was going on. I had to make a doctor's appointment because Lyn and I had the same symptoms. Lyn's pediatrician recommended to put away all the plush animals she had on bed, to clean more often the AC filter's, and the carpet as well. We did, and we have been doing so much better. Seems like we only had allergies.

Getting back on topic. I had a few favorites I wanted to share that I really liked in September. A bit of beauty, home related, healthy foods, and more...

As far as beauty, usually I like sharing two or more items. This I made a mistake of talking about my E.l.f. set spray and my 'Wind Dancer' oil perfume but I realized I had already shared my perfume oil last month so I didn't add it to the video. I really wanted to share the makeup set spray by E.L.F. because I have been loving it. I use it on the days that I do my makeup. I spray it after all of my makeup application, and I like that this has Green Tea, Cucumber, and Vitamin A, C, & E. It makes my makeup last, and I like that e.l.f is a cruelty-free, and vegan brand. Plus their products are affordable too!

I had a few home items that I liked. First I have the Jasmine Oil by Now Foods. This is the Jasmine oil I have been using for months. The scent is so lovely, and it's my favorite from all of the oils that I have. I use it in cone diffuser which I have in my living room to make the space smell good, and it's more convenient to have than a candle. All you do is add water and put a few drops of oil fragrance. Another way that I use it is in the bathroom. I add a few drops to each side of a toilet paper roll and it makes the bathroom smell good (I learned this tip in Pinterest).

Another home September favorite is my J.R. Watkins room spray. The rooms spray's are available in different scents but I decided to go with coconut since it's what I love. I keep this small bottle in the bathroom for when we need it. I like that it's a small bottle and it will last us. I also like this bottle more than having a big bottle of the regular bathroom spray.

cruelty free, vegan, libre de crueldad, vegano

I liked two vegan foods this month. I tried for the first time Asian Noodle by Amy's a few months ago. I like her frozen foods because they are so healthy. You can read the ingredients on the back and see all the organic ingredients that is made with, and it's all natural. The taste is great, and the noodles comes with a variety of veggies. We only get this when we see it on sale at our local supermarket, but apart from that I like to cook at home to save money. 

The other one is Suja organic raw juice. This is something that we saw on the Ibotta app. Basically Ibotta will give you cash back on groceries, clothe shopping, and more. We saw Suja juice for a promotion of buy one, get one free, and we also got cash back through the Ibotta app. This particular juice has apple, banana, mango, lemon, kale, spinach, spirulina, chlorella, barley grass, and alfalfa grass. This juice tastes so amazing! I love the taste, and it's something I would keep buying again, and again. Or just make your own juices at home. I have the Breville juice extractor and I get all of my fruits and veggies from my local supermarket.

cruelty free, vegan, libre de crueldad, vegano

The last thing I want to mention is a documentary I had been wanting to see, Tony Robbins I am Not Your Guru. Tony Robbins is very well known for being best seller, and many people that I admire had recommend this documentary. This is a documentary you will want to see if you want to feel motivated. Motivated to follow your dreams, and Tony Robbins will give you that push. His passion is to help people and this is why he conducts workshops around the world about personal development, business growth, and ignite passion for couples.

This concludes my September favorites. What are some of your favorites from last month? Let me know! Ill see you guys next time :))

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