Friday, October 21, 2016

TAG What's in my purse? / Qué llevo en mi bolso?

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TAG What's in my bag?

Hi guys! I thought it was about time to make another tag video after so long! This time I decided to do the 'What's in my bag?' video.

I enjoy watching other 'What's in my Bag?' videos and see what other YouTubers carry in their bag. Hehe! I thought it would be fun to share what I have in my bag as well, and I enjoyed filming it so much.

Lately I'm going through a phase where I just want to get rid of so many things and live a more minimal life. If you have seen my Snapchat you probably saw all the handbags I got rid of.

I still have so much more things that I'm thinking I will get rid of before we move.

My go to bags are a small XoXo bag that I've had for years and it's getting old. The other one is a Steve Madden handbag that my sister gave me. 

I like the small XoXo handbag on weekdays for when I go to work, and when I take Little Lyn to school. The bigger Steve Madden handbag is the one I like to use on weekends because I can fit my vlogging camera.

I try not to carry a lot of things, and I don't even take makeup in my handbag except for lipstick just to do retouches throughout the day.

My three bag essentials that I shall never forget before I leave are: my keys, my iPhone 6S, and my paying cards. The rest for me are just extras.

Some of the 'What's in my bag?' list:
XoXo Small Black Purse
Steve Madden Studded Purse
iPhone Henna Design Case
e.l.f. Pink Party lipstick
Kuumba Made 'Oriental Musk' perfume oil
Moondani Fresh Natural Breath Mist
Cruelty-free Hand Sanitizer
Couple puzzle keychain

What are some of your bag essentials? I would love to know! I'm glad it's Friday, and I'm ready for the weekend! Time to achieve more goals :))

Watch the video below:

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