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Closet Organization Ideas / Ideas Para Organizar Closet

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I had been wanting to share my closet for so long! I believe I have some useful tips, and tricks to save you space, and organize your closet.

Because at this moment I share one bedroom with Little Lyn, I'm always thinking of maximizing space. I want to keep things organized, but also take advantage of the space that I have. When I organize it makes my mind relax, and it's one of my favorite things to do. I also feel it makes me work more effectively by knowing where to find things that I need right away, and this puts me in a good mood.

Room Entrance

Let's start with my room entrance. This is what most of you guys see in the background when I record my videos. In this entrance I keep my purses, nail polish, and my rings. I got my purse holder (it's actually a coat holder but it serves really well to hang purses too) from Ross. There's a similar purse holder on Amazon. I use a nail polish acrylic organizer to organize my cruelty-free nail polish bottles by color. This is what I also use to display my rings. On my bedroom door I have hanging a cat scratcher (which Mishi and Kitty never use, hah!), and my yoga mats.

The bedroom entrance is on the left, and on the right is my bedroom closet. I made a DIY on how you can recycle toilet rolls to make a decor piece like the one on my door. It's so simple, yet so cute.

My Closet

This is our closet. As of now I share it with Little Lyn. I can't wait to move soon because again we'll have two bedrooms like we used to before. When I open my closet door I have my jewelry organizer. This is something I got from Etsy. I also wanted to add an adjustable mirror to the right of my jewelry organizer to see myself as I was putting on a jewelry piece but I never got to that.

Top Shelve
Starting from top to bottom, on the top shelves I have organizing containers. All of them are from Target. I currently have the 15 quart organizing containers for smaller things like gifts, beauty items, and electronics. The 27 quart organizing containers I use them more for paper, and costumes. In the middle I have a 3 drawer organizer for small things like stickers, and pins. Lyn's containers have a latch and they are Circo pink containers which I found at Target.

For my clothes I have a variety of hangers. Starting on the left, I have a belt hanger. Really useful to keep all the belts in place. Then, my pants hanger. I have three pants hanger and I like that they have a rubber grip to keep them from sliding, and in just one pant hanger I can fit ten pants! Saves a lot of space! After this, I have a scarf hanger. I barely use them but they add a nice touch when I feel like adding an extra something to my outfit. Behind all this I have long skirts in individual hangers, and them my sweaters, and blazers.

On the right side I have mostly my tops. By the way if you're wondering, I haven't paid a dime for any of my transparent hangers. They're all from Ross and you can get them for free whenever you go shopping. I like that they all look the same, and this saved me a lot of money! Not only that, but in one hanger you can put two! The Ross hangers have a little lop so it's convenient to insert another hanger, and kind of have two hangers in one! This is another tip I love doing. In between my tops I have blank closet rod dividers. I labeled a few, but I didn't finish all of them. I use my label maker to add categories.

Continuing to the right, I have a hanging organizer. Really useful to have extra storage for beauty items, or anything else. My sister has a similar one and she uses hers for shoes. After this you would find all of my dresses. Beneath all of my tops, I added an extra closet rod. This is where I hang my shorts, and skirts and makes me maximize my closet space. On on my extra closet rod I even have an eco-friendly air purifying bag to keep bad odors away.

As for my shoes, I have a shoe organizer I found at Walmart. I like the neutral gray color, and I can fit a lot of shoes on it. The only problem is that it doesn't have a rubber grip so flat shoes will tend to slide but it works perfectly for heels. As for my high boots, to keep them standing I either roll up a magazine and insert it inside, or use boot clips. And on the left side of my shoes I just keep my Kipling wheeled backpack.

What are some ways you organize your closet? I would love to know! I hope I gave you plenty of tips, and tricks for closet organization ideas. Thanks for passing by, and until next time!

Watch video below:

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  1. It really looks like you are utilizing every bit of space with your organizers. My best organizing tips is to pack away stuff you are not currently wearing (like summer stuff in the winter) and get rid of stuff that you pass over. By having less items clogging up the closet, you are able to see what you are looking for!

  2. I need to organize my closet, this is a great system!

  3. These are really simple changes and ideas but they make such a huge difference! I like everything to be organized and I need to implement a low-maintenance system to make that happen!

  4. I loved watching that video! These are such great tips, I seriously try so hard to keep my closet organized - then I have to get dressed each day haha!!


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