Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Halloween Recap 2016 / Resumen de Halloween

We dressed up as Elsa, and Anna from Frozen.

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Halloween this year was so much fun! This is the first time we spend it with George. I have been dating George almost a year, and we enjoy doing things as a family.

Halloween Parade

To match Little Lyn's Elsa costume I decided to dress up as Anna from Frozen. I always try to go with the theme character each year so that we can match every Halloween. Little Lyn was so exited when she found out I had bought Anna's costume. You should have seen her face of joy! And I have fun wearing a costume too.

Every year in Lyn's school they do a Halloween parade. A few days before Halloween all the kids get to dress up and go trick or treating around the school. Staff from offices, and stores nearby will gather outside to give kid's candy. I try to go so that I can take photos of Little Lyn, and spend time with her. Even my boyfriend got to take the day off from work to be with us. Lyn was so happy about this! This is the first time George goes to one of these kid's Halloween even ♥

House of Horror

The plan was for Little Lyn to go with us but she was scared. I showed her a trailer of this place and she said she would be scared to go. We decided to leave her home with my parents, and I'm glad we did. The place is so much fun to go, but if they go inside House of Horror kid's will most likely come out so frightened. They still have rides for kid's, but even the show we saw had adult language.

I had a good time with my sister, and boyfriend. My favorite place was the tent showcasing some interesting things like a skeleton of a mermaid, alien body, shrunken heads, and more! They also had a show of a woman who swallowed swords, and a man who didn't have any legs. We went to the haunted house two times. The first time we didn't have to wait to go in. They send you in groups. The second time we went we did have to wait a bit longer to get in. It was fun being inside to see people dressed as scary clowns, bloody patients, and even a huge dragon head that will scare you! We screamed and laughed as we wondered what lurked around each corner. They also had a second part where they give you 3D glasses, and that was super cool. At the end two guys run after you with chainsaws, and by the end we were laughing! We even got into a few rides, and it made me feel like a kid again. As far as food the only thing that we got to try was a lemonade that was ok. I didn't see any vegan options since most foods are animal derived.

We all really had a great time together. It's nothing compared to Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando, but for a local carnival, and haunted house it was fun. We talked about returning next year!

How did you spend your Halloween this year? I would love to know! Thanks for passing by, and until next time!

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