Wednesday, November 16, 2016

How to Center Everything on Blogger

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Whether you are trying to center your header image, or center your post titles, I have all the codes for you. I remember having a hard time trying to center the sidebars, and center the page tabs and I couldn't find a solution to this. After a lot of Google search, it wasn't until I came across Carrie Loves that I finally found the solution to center everything in blogger! That is, the sections you decide to center.

To Start:

These center codes will be helpful if you have blogger / blogspot. I'm not sure if these would work with WordPress, Tumblr, SquareSpace, etc.

In your Blogger dashboard, on the left side click on Template > Customize >> Layout >>> Advanced >>>> Add CSS.

I hope I didn't lost you, haha! I have included some images to make it easier to get to 'Add CSS'. 

Before you make any changes always make a back up just in case! Again in Template > Backup / Restore >> Download template.

Now the Center Codes:

Now that you're in the 'Add CSS' box, insert the center codes that you will need. After you include your center code don’t forget to click 'Apply To Blog', and you’re done!

That's it! Now you can have different sections of your blog centered! Whether it's your title, date, or sidebar. I hope these codes helped you.

You can also check out my How to Make Bilingual Blog Posts Tutorial if you're interested in that.

Until next time!

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  1. Great tips! Do these also work with WordPress? I blog about blogging for business a lot and would love to offer some simple WordPress tips.

    1. I honestly have no idea, I don't work with Wordpress often. Thanks for passing by!

  2. This is super informative! I have Wordpress but I've always been interested in seeing how Blogger works!

  3. It's really a great post. You've nicely break down this guide. Thanks for amazing work. It really helps a lot.

  4. Hello,

    How do you make the whole post sit at the center of a webpage? I only want posts and not pages. That means, I want to eliminate the side bars too. How can I achieve that?

    1. Hi, that's a pretty easy change to make. When you log in to Blogger, on the left column click on Theme > Customize. From here you can select a different theme, or under Layout select the body layout without the "side bars". Hope this helps!

  5. Awesome one... It really helped me. Thank you so much :)


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