Monday, November 7, 2016

November Goals / Metas de Noviembre 2016

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I love setting up goals each month because they make stay on top of everything. I like having personal goals, as well as some business goals. Personal goals for me at this time is anything related to organizing, and having a more minimal life. Whereas business for me is anything related to my YouTube channels, and my blog.

October Accomplishments

Even though I wasn't able to achieve all of my October goals, I did have many other accomplishments....

1. Read 1 book. Failed!
To be honest I have been focusing my time on other things. I didn't have time to read as I wanted. As of now the only reading I will do is a course I will start taking online.

1. Watch 1 documentary. Achieved!
I'm glad we finished watching Cooked on Netflix. Cooked includes four episodes: Fire, water, air, and earth. We saw all four and I liked learning new things about food. Especially about gluten, bread, and flour. Very educational, and I recommend it.

3. Launch free printable. Failed!
Something else I was not able to get to this month. Will try to get to this month, it's in my blog to do list.

4. Sell T-Shirts. Achieved!
I'm glad to say I finally have my cruelty-free beauty shirts available for purchase! This had been a goal I wanted to achieve for so long. I came up with the two current designs, and I even did a blog post announcing the new shirts

5. Organize more. Failed!
Organizing is like never-ending. It's always and ongoing process, and I have a bag on the door hanging where I put all the stuff I don't want anymore. My idea was to organize the pantry closet but I didn't get to it :(

Even though it was no in my list of goals to achieve for this month but I did succeed with Fiverr and Etsy. I took more flatlay photos for my Etsy photography shop, and I already made a few sales which I'm happy about! Also I have been getting jobs on Fiverr which is a big plus too! I added a few more gigs, and I already have more ideas for new gigs which I will work on.

November Goals

1. Etsy photography shop.
I have another set of photos that I took. I want to pick the best flatlay photos to put up on my Etsy shop. My goals is to get more Favorites, and make more sales.

2. Fiverr Gigs.
I want to keep working on my Fiverr gigs. This has been a fun extra income on the side. I love getting new jobs, and it's something I always look forward to completing.

3. Start an online course.
I always like learning new things, and something I want to dedicate myself into is this coding online course. This will be beneficial to my blog, and maybe in the future I can land an engineering job.

4. Start moving.
This is our moving month. We will be renting a duplex, and we need start the moving process. We have to start packing!

5. Start Christmas wishlist.
And of course, with Christmas almost around the corner, I want to make a list of things I want to get for everyone in my family. This is so fun, and I don't to leave it till the last minute.

What are some of your November goals? I would love to know! Thanks for passing by, and until next time!

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  1. Que bueno que das la opción de poder leer los contenidos en ingles y en español.
    La verdad es que ando en proceso de aprender a leer ingles correctamente, pero aun no lo consigo.



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