Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Apartment Tour / Tour de mi Apartamento

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Apartment Tour 2016 + Organization Tips

We'll be moving soon, and I'll miss living here. I wish I had videos of my previous homes, because everytime I live in a certain place I put my heart into it. It's always hard to leave at first, but after a few weeks at the new place I start liking it. I know myself, and this is how I will feel.

We found this apartment thanks to my mom. The manager of this building is my mom's friend, so she hooked me up with an apartment that was becoming available right at the same time I needed one! I only had ONE month to find a new place. The building where I was living gave all the 24 tenants a letter letting us know we had only one month to move out. Because it was a no-contract rent, they were able to do that. Even though in the end some tenants lived in the building for around three months.

Nevertheless, this was perfect place for Little Lyn and I. It was a one bedroom, and one bathroom apartment. It had a remodeled bathroom, and new carpet. The kitchen was ok, but what I really liked was the spacious living room, and bedroom. I was able to fit two beds in the bedroom, and still have plenty of space in the middle. I also liked the three closets that in came with. Two storage closets by the main entrance, and one big closet in the bedroom.

Not to mention the price to rent this! It was a steal! The building wasn't new, compared to all the new buildings that I was surrounded by, but the price was great for me. It was half of what the regular rent is in Miami. This allowed me to live comfortably considering that I was a single mom. I couldn't have asked for anything better. Thank you Angels, thank you Universe.

The new place is a duplex with two bedrooms, and two bathrooms. I will try to decorate everything with light colors as much as possible because it doesn't have good lighting as I wish it had.

This is my little story on how I found this apartment. For everything that you see in the video you will find the product links in the description box. Thanks for passing by, and until next time!

Watch video below:

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