Friday, January 6, 2017

Try On Haul Ross and Marshalls

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Try On Haul Ross and Marshalls

New haul of the year! I wanted to share a haul video from the last items I have bought from Ross, and Marshalls...

For the past year I've been good from not going to the store regularly If you would have known me before I would have told you that I used to like going shopping weekly! It was like a tradition of ours to go to the stores every Sunday. We would head to Downtown Miami that was about 15 minutes away from us. So I thought it was convenient to go because it was nearby.

Now from time to time I like to go to the stores. Every few months I go, and I accumulate what I buy to share haul videos. I do this to save money, and because in reality I don't need to shop that often. So I'm proud of myself for changing this aspect. Now I'm trying to be the opposite, to be a minimalist. Since we moved it's still a work in progress, but I'm definitely making big changes!

At Ross I was able to find a cute XoXo PJ set (similar)! The top has the phrase, "I woke up like this" #tired. I like the gray subtle colors, with a pop of pink. Can't wait to wear this at night. I even found a cute pair of Tommy Hilfiger sandals. I love combining gold details with my outfits, so I really liked these sandals. And another thing I found was a cute Carter's girl PJ for Little Lyn! I always have fun shopping for Little Lyn, plus the PJ has a cute little bunny. I like that the floral pants is fleece, and the striped long sleeve is cotton.

At Marshalls I found a few more items. I got a new denim top! I've been something like this for months! I want to wear it with leggings, and depending the time of day I could wear it with booties, or heels. I want to have new pieces that feel casual, yet you can easily dress it up. I got a burgundy top by the brand Mine. Two tops in wine, and black top by Threads Studio. One teal dress. A black lingerie, and a Jessica Simpson lingerie which is so cute. I also found a nice Thro white blanket, which will look nice either on top of the bed, or the couch. Couldn't forget my kitties, so I got a cardboard scartcher (similar). Hopefully Kitty will stop scratching my furniture pieces even thought she already has a BIG cat tree. I also bought a cute marble journal which I think I will use as a dream journal, and earbuds in white and gold tones. A Monteau girl dress, which they have the cutest girly dresses! And a few healthy snacks for me... I got edemame beans, and seaweed.

What do you like shopping from Ross and Marshalls? I would love to know! Thanks for reading or watching my haul video, and until next time!

Watch video below:

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