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10 Tips to Save Money / 10 Tips para Ahorrar Dinero

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10 Tips to Save Money for a Minimal and Joyful Life

It occurred to me that I would share some of the things I have been doing over the years to save money which allows me to live a more minimal, and joyful life. In a world where we might think we need to have everything to feel like the "it" crowd. Applying these tips makes me feel closer to my bigger goals....

1. Cable
We have an antenna for our TV for all the basic HD channels. When we do watch something it's usually on Netflix, and we have it mainly for Little Lyn so that she can watch cartoons. First, I don't have time to watch that much TV. Second, we don't feel the need to pay for cable. We haven't had cable for around 5 years now.

2. Basic phone plan
I spend most of my time either at home, and at work where I have access to internet. I don't feel the need to pay for a higher priced plan, so I pay $25 for the most basic phone plan with unlimited calls/texts. Works perfectly for my needs.

3. Electricity
I already trained myself to always turn off everything that I see unused. I never leave a light on, and either way I love natural light so I like to open all the windows. I never turn on the AC, unless it's super hot. We pay about $40 monthly, not bad.

4. Online shopping
For all my online shopping I always use Ebates. I already have the Ebates toolbar installed on my Firefox browser which always reminds if there's a deal going on. Just activate the cashback button, and you'll receive cash back for all your purchases.

5. Your own car
I know it feels good to have a fancy car, but along with that can come headaches. The worry to pay monthly, if the seats get a stain, if you bump your car into something, etc. To me it feels so good to have my own car, and just pay for gas and insurance.

6. Meals at home
On weekdays we eat at home. Every week when the new specials come out at my local grocery store, I make a list of things to buy and take advantage of the BOGO items.

7. Free events
Most museums in Miami have days when you can go in for free. Make sure to check out your local places for specific free days. I like checking out and also my local library provides free entrances to different places.

8. Salon at home
I call it salon at home because it's what I call my spa day. Basically I do everything on my own beauty related. I like to cut my own hair, polish my nails, add eyelash extensions, and more to save money. It feels good to feel like if you have just left a beauty salon.

9. Sell your items
Get rid of all of your unused items, and send them to a new home. This is what I do when I no longer need something. Make a yard sale, sell items on eBay, or even use Poshmark for fashion items. If you use my Poshmark link you will get $5 free with your first purchase.

10. Uber
Who doesn't know about Uber these days? But we love using it when going to an event. We don't have to worry about where to park our car, or pay high parking rates. It's so convenient to just request an Uber, and if you use my special link you'll get your first Uber ride free!

These are some of ways that I save money. What tips do you have? I would love to know! Thanks for passing by, and until next time!

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  1. We got rid of cable a few years back and it really helped us save a ton of money.

  2. Thanks for the tips, Rosy! I keep thinking about how I need to get a cheaper phone plan but I am on a payment plan with it until 2019!!

  3. Awesome tips! I save so much by just cooking at home!

  4. These are great tips and reminders to keep us all in check. I am a huge fan of using natural light to save on electricity, only having the basic cable package, and love selling on ebay!

  5. I can't believe you cut your own hair. Kudos to you!

  6. switching to leds or cfls from incandescent bulbs can save a bunch on electricity, too!

  7. Great tips! The online shopping is my achilles heel, the ads that run when you are on the web get to you sometimes! I must resist. :)

  8. Great tips! I am one of the few people on the planet who doesn't use a cell phone much. I have a pay as you go plan, and it's a flip phone, not a smart phone.

  9. I wish I could cut my own hair! I only get it cut one or two times a year, but I hate forking over the money for it.

  10. There are some great tips here! We spend way too much food eating out so that would be huge saver if I actually looked at the weekly deals. Uber is awesome too!

  11. This is a great post! I have never heard of Ebates, but I look forward to checking out out. I am always looking to save some money! My hubby and I decided to share a car, and I bike, walk, or take public transportation everywhere. AND uber is definitely a way to save some cash. I love it! Sometimes I even uber to the metro to travel longer distances. Thanks for all the fabulous tips!

  12. I can't believe you cut your own hair! I tried that once 7 years ago and the results made me cry. I've always admired people who have success at it. I love online shopping! I save 15-20% every month on all of our household goods with Amazon subscribe & save.

  13. Kimberly @ Berly's KitchenSaturday, March 25, 2017

    These are great ideas for saving money! We do many of these in our house, but could definitely benefit from adding a few more. Thanks for sharing.


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