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5 Tips to Gain Weight as a Vegan

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5 Tips to Gain Weight as a Vegan in a Healthy Way

One of my viewers asked me to please share a video on tips on how to gain weight. I had shared in my vlog channel I had finally gained weight, and so she wanted to know how.

For the longest I remember wanted to gain weight as a vegan. One of the perks on going vegan is that you loose weight really fast in a healthy way. I remember when I had gone vegan, I lost 5 pounds in just one week! I wasn't looking to loose weight, I had gone vegan for the animals. I wanted to align my compassion, and I wanted to feel the same love for all animals. I stopped seeing a difference between the animals we call pets, and the animals we call food.

I was so happy being a vegan, but I didn't feel ok with my weight. My weight wouldn't go up from 90 pounds. I wanted to go back to my normal weight. After having Little Lyn, my normal weight was 105. I'm petite, but I didn't want to feel too skinny.

I started making some changes in my lifestyle as a vegan, and this is what worked for me....

Tip 1 - Eat Late
Eat kind of late. If you want to loose weight it is recommended to eat a few hours before bedtime. If you're trying to gain weight, do the opposite. I would have a complete full vegan meal about an hour before going to sleep. A full vegan meal consists of having three portions. One portion of grains, one portion of protein, and one portion of veggies. You can add fruit as dessert. I always made sure to have one of the followings on my plate: rice, potato, bread, or pasta.

Tip 2 - Healthy Fats
Along with my meals, I made sure to eat healthy fats. On the side of my meals, I loved having avocado. I would add lime juice, and pink salt to add flavor. Another good option is organic virgin olive oil for salads. Healthy fats will help you gain weight.

Tip 3 - Juices VS Smoothies
Juices and smoothies are both good for you. Only difference was, when I had a juice I would be so hungry after a short time. On the other hand, a smoothie fills you up more. To make my smoothies I love using my high-speed blender Vitamix Turboblend VS. A smoothie feels so fulfilling so I made sure to have a smoothie in the morning, and at night time. I would add almond milk in vanilla 90 calories or chocolate 100 calories. If you can't access almond chocolate milk, then you can add organic cacao powder. Add bananas, and any other fruit or greens you have like spinach or kale. Sometimes I also added plant-based protein powder. Really good!

Smoothie Recipe - Gain weight in a healthy way 
1 cup - Almond chocolate milk
1 - Ripe banana
1 tbsp - Vegan peanut butter
A bit of organic oatmeal
Blend all ingredients, and enjoy! It's like literally a chocolate dessert in a smoothie, I really love it!

Tip 4 - Minimal Exercise
I used to do a lot of activity like running, zumba, yoga, and more. When I started to exercise less because I didn't have time, I started to gain weight. Something I haven't stopped doing is to go out for walks. I love walking, and I also love having healthy snacks like a protein bar. Personally I love the Peanut Butter with Dates protein bars by Larabar.

Tip 5 - Sleep More
The more you sleep, the less active your body will be. For adults the recommended sleep time is between 8 to 10 hours. Another benefit of getting enough sleep is that I break out less. My skin looks good when I'm well rested.

These are my top 5 tips to gain weight as a vegan in a healthy way. These are the things I did to finally go back to my normal weight. I'm happy at my current weight, and my plan is to maintain it this way. I hope this helps you, and until next time!

How to gain weight as a vegan video:

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  1. Great tips! Healthy fats give you healthy weight!

  2. I'm not a vegan or vegetarian but I eat a pretty close to a vegetarian diet so feel like I am always trying to keep on weight.


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