Friday, March 10, 2017

February Favorites / Favoritos de Febrero 2017

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I was so excited to be filming this video! This was my first favorites video of this year. I'm slowly getting back on track on filming one video per week, so I'm really happy!

Beauty Favorites
For beauty favorites I will start with my favorite perfume! This is the perfume Vanillary by Lush. I actually got two products by Lush as a surprise from my boyfriend. He gifted me the perfume, and a cleanser. The perfume smells just like vanilla, but the scent is so strong you only need one spray. It makes you smell good all day long. The other thing my boyfriend gifted me by Lush is the 'Let the good times roll' face and body cleanser. It has a grainy texture which is great more exfoliating your skin, and I don't feel the necessity to hydrate my skin afterward because it already leaves my skin ready to go. One thing I love Lush products is that their products will tell you the name of the employee who made it along with the date it was made, and also the expiration date. I love Lush for cruelty-free, and for providing a lot of vegan products to choose from.

The other brand that I love so much is 100% Pure. 100% Pure is another cruelty-free brand that I love buying beauty products from. Just keep in mind that no all of their products are vegan, some can be vegetarian. The first product I really liked is the 'Pink grapefruit whipped body butter'. I love how natural it is, and all the good ingredients it was made with. Some of the ingredients are: cocoa, avocado butter, organic rosehip, vitamin E, organic green tea, goji berry, rosemary, oregano, thyme, and the list of natural ingredients goes on, and on. It has a citric scent, and it leaves my skin soft. I love to use it on my legs, belly, and stretchmarks. The other product by 100% Pure that I really liked was the 2nd skin foundation. It is natural, and made with fruit pigments. I love this brand, and I love this foundation! The consistency is very liquidity, and you would think you wouldn't get much coverage, but actually it covers my dark spots really well. If feels so lightweight, and I love applying it on my makeup days.

Personal Favorite
A personal favorite for last month was my Sugar Paper agenda. I like having an agenda to keep my personal life organized. I like the one I got because the size is perfect for my needs. It's not small, nor big. I call it the medium size because it can easily fit in my purse. It has he month view, and weekly view in case I want to add more notes. I keep my list of to-do short to keep myself motivated, instead of a long list of to-do.

Snack Favorite
As a healthy snack favorite I wanted to share Larabar protein bar in 'Peanut butter chocolate chip'. I love this protein bar for the taste! As soon as you take your first bite you can taste the dates. It's a mixture of dates, and chocolate, and peanut butter. It's so yummy, and I like to eat it with almond milk in vanilla, or chocolate flavor. It's also the protein bar I like to take to work and have as a snack. Love it!

Movie Favorite
I think I'm the most super late person to see this movie, but my favorite would have to be Narnia. I decided to watch it because I knew it was science fiction. I love this genre so much, and I truly enjoyed watching it with Little Lyn. I enjoyed watching the talking animals, the human creatures with half animal body, and everything else.

This sums up my February favorites of this year! What were your favorites? Thanks for passing by, and until next time!

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  1. I think your blog is so clean and fresh looking. I need a better look for my blog and I'm taking inspiration from all these great looking sites. My daughter introduced me to Lush. I'm a fan.

  2. Planning to go to LUSH later today. (Such a cool place!) Will definitely check out Vanillary - especially if it lasts all day.

  3. The pink grapefruit body butter sounds so luxurious. I would love to try it. I recently discovered LUSH. I am obsessed.

  4. The peanutbutter chocolate chip Larabar is my favourite too! I have to remember to pick up a large box next time I go to Costco. I`m also a huge fan of LUSH so I`ll look for the pink grapefruit body butter next time I visit. Thanks for this post :)

  5. I love body butter...that scent sounds yummy. I also love Lush...I have a $40 gift card that I need to use there.

  6. Gotta try the LaraBar. Love posts like these because you get introduced to new products and brands. Very nice!

  7. You had me at body butter & LUSH, two of my favorite things! The Body Shop has the best body butter in my opinon. Thanks for the tips!

  8. I can't get enough of larabars, Rosalyn! And I'm absolutely obsessed with Sugar Paper! This reminds to go into my planner and update my plans for the week! Thanks, girlfriend!

    Berniedette |

  9. Thanks for sharing! How great are Larabars?! I like making my own to save money but they are sure handy when out and about.

  10. Useful tips. I like your blog. Thanks for sharing : for more information


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