Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Ginger Shot Challenge / Reto Shot de Jengibre

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I'm so excited to share this video for two reasons! One, well it's the first time that George appears in my YouTube channel! And well second, it's the ginger shot challenge! This was so much fun to film, haha!!

The idea occurred to me after being sick with a cold for a couple of weeks, and as a vegan seeking a natural medicine. I thought of getting ginger shots! What better timing, and at the same time film a new video for the main channels.

These are the items we used for this Ginger shot challenge...

We got our ginger shots from Choices Cafe in Miami.
Ginger shots (similar)
Organic Cayenne Pepper (better)
Vegan Soy Whip
Vegan Rice Whip (similar alternative)

Thanks to George for supporting me in everything I do, and for being part of this fun ginger shot challenge ♥

Watch video below:

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