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May Favorites / Favoritos Mayo 2017

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May Favorites 2017 (cruelty-free + vegan)

I thought I wouldn't any May Favorites to share, but I did! I went back to my Amazon purchases and noticed I could talk about a few beauty favorites that I really liked.

The weather is hot, and humid in Miami. Along with that I want to improve the texture of my skin. I have been looking for natural ways to erase my acne scars. I also want hair that looks, and feels healthy.

Let me share with you what I really liked for May....

My sister introduced me to Vitamin C serum. I wanted to get one that was cruelty-free. I got this for a few reasons. Vitamin C helps to prevent wrinkles. Even though I'm young I want to start preventing them from an early time. The other reason is because I've noticed it helps diminish acne scars. Vitamin C serum dries up really quickly, and leaves no residue. I highly recommend you use an oil before you apply it. This Vitamin C also acts as a great base for makeup application.

I love oils if you can tell by now. As a was reading the reviews for Rosehip oil I was convinced I had to buy it. I got it for two reasons. One, because I wanted to achieve soft skin. My skin was dry on the back of my hands, and this made my skin feel like baby! They're so soft it's incredible. I'm using the rosehip oil on my face, and on Little Lyn's skin. I'm also using it to reduce acne marks on my face.

Lately I have been trying hair products from Not Your Mother's because it's a cruelty-free brand. This time around I got the Clean Freak conditioner. I had left out conditioner out of my hair routine for a while now I think this is why I had felt my hair dry. This conditioner promises to smooth, and silken hair. I'm so glad this conditioner exceeded my expectations. It doesn't leave any residue. In just the first time I could totally feel a different texture on my hair. I was so amazed, and I love to touch my hair just to feel how soft it feels. Looove it!!

Another product I bought from Not Your Mother's is the Beat the Heat spray. I have been spraying this on my hair before I apply any type of heat to my hair. I spray it all over the hair, and then brush it to distribute the hair product.

Recently I dropped one of my perfume bottles, and it shattered. George was sweet enough to buy me perfumes as a surprise. He got for me Pacifica Persian Rose perfume. He knows I like everything with a rose scent. He also got for me Pacifica Malibu Lemon Blossom perfume which Little Lyn has been using. I love this perfume alternatives because they tend to be more natural than conventional perfumes.

I loved my last iPhone case (which I shared here) but after a long time the design on the back started to fade away, so it was time for a new one. My new iPhone case has a marble design. I love it for having a simple, yet chic, sleek, sophisticated look. The case texture feels soft, and I love how it makes my iPhone look.

If you're vegan or vegetarian most likely you know about this app. The one I got is Happy Cow app. This is perfect to have if you want to eat healthier, or if you're transition to this lifestyle. It will find the nearest places to eat or places to shop at. This is how we have been trying new foods. I love it, and it's perfect if you're going to be traveling. You have to pay a small fee to download it, but for me has been completely worth it.

These have been my cruelty-free beauty, and vegan May Favorites of 2017. What were your favorites? I would love to know!

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  1. These products look amazing! I love the ingredients in them. I think I'd like to try the Vitamin C serum. I love skin products. I'll pin this to refer to. Thanks!!!

  2. The Not Your Mothers brand is one of my favorites!! I need to get these products. :)

  3. I think I will go for hair conditioner since my hair are really dry and its hart to control.

  4. I tend to alternate my C serums, just to not let the skin get too complacent with the formula :) these days, I oscillate between Timeless Skin Care, The Ordinary as well as Holy Snails :)

  5. These products looks amazing! I'll have to check a couple out!

  6. Christine - I am always keen to find more cruelty-free products. Thanks for the information. You have the most beautiful hair, so it's a testament to the products.

  7. Really informative post. Every women's dream is to have beautiful and glowing skin. I tried a lot to improve my skin. Now I am using lifecell all-in-one anti aging cream and positive results are here.


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