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June Favorites / Favoritos de Junio 2017

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Cruelty-free beauty and home decor

Hot, and humid weather is inevitable in Miami. The minute you go out you feel the warmth hit your face.

Lately I have been finding pieces to decorate our new home. I'm going for a modern, yet clean look. You will notice the new wall on my June Favorites video. I'm buying most, if not everything from Amazon. I Can And I Will quote, gold frame, and gold geometric decor. I still have to add a few pieces, but that's what I have so far and I love it :)

Two beauty favorites for June were hair related. Both products are by the same brand, and it's the brand I have been loving lately. I like this brand for being cruelty-free and for working so well on my hair. The brand is Not Your Mother's. I have the pink bottle Not Your Mother's hairspray, and the green bottle Not Your Mother's mousse. I use a combination of both on weekdays. I use the hairspray when I want a ponytail, bun, or any type of updo and make my hair look sleek. And then I use the mousse when I want my hair down and I want to make it look styled. Both are great ways to style your hair without spending too much time.

My boyfriend George recently got a new office space, and a new desk. I wanted to give him something he could place on his work space. I spend a lot of time looking through Amazon's interesting finds, and this is where I got the idea from. I got him the solar system in a crystal ball! I thought it was so cute, and he really loved it!

More on home decor, something new I got for our bedroom are stars glowing stickers. These are glowing stickers, and I decided to add them to add an interesting touch to our bedroom It looks so cute at night time, and I feel like I'm looking up at the galaxy right before I sleep. I also comes with a moon glowing sticker.

Also for our bedroom I got a new small lamp. Again going for a modern, and simple look I found the cutest white modern lamp. It gives extra light in our bedroom, and it matches our home decor perfectly. It's a small lamp, but it gives a lot of light.

I was trying to cover any ant holes I saw on the wall, or just simply cover any holes on the wall so I found this. This is a wall primer in a bottle. On one side it brings a 'spatula' and on the other side it has a sanding pad. Love using it!

Something I really enjoyed watching on Netflix was a Korean series. This is the first time I see something from Korea, and I loved it! You can see the My Only Love Song trailer, but basically it's about a famous K pop star, and she gets upset with the director and coworkers for something the original lines. She's so upset, and gets on a van called Boong Boong. She hasn't realized yet, but she has actually time travelled! She goes many years to the past, and this is where she meets Dumb On Dal, hehe. I like how they include a bit of history, romance, and funny scenes. I saw all 20 episodes in like three days :D

Those were my June favorites, what were yours? I would love to know! Let me know in the comments below, and until next time :))

June Favorites 2017 video:

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  1. The Not Your Mother products really are so great. They have a beach hair spray that I really like, especially around this time of the year. - Katy

  2. I love using these products :) Shell

  3. I really like the Not Your Mother's line. Their dry shampoo is a favorite of mine!

  4. Thanks for sharing! I'll have to try the Not Your Mother's products.

  5. Love Not Your Mother's products. They're some of the best!

  6. I've used that dry shampoo and love it. It's the perfect product to get me through a crazy week! :-)
    Cheers, Sarah Camille //


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