Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Lyn's Bedroom Tour

Little Girls Bedroom Tour 
decor ideas + organization tips

Welcome to Little Lyn's bedroom! I feel like her bedroom is complete after buying a few more things from Ikea.

For a long time she just slept on a mattress. I wasn't sure whether to get her a regular bed, or a bunk bed but we finally decided on the Kura reversible bed from Ikea.

The Kura bed is ideal for children 6 years and older. Little Lyn recently turned 8 so it was perfect. It took George a couple of hours to put this together, but the end result is beautiful.

Along with the Kura bed I also got her the Kura bed tent. It looks like a little house with a door, window, and roof with a plant pot. She is able to sleep on top, and at the same time has a small area to play on the bottom to maximize her bedroom space.

Below the bed she has a Flyttbar box for storage. Inside she has her stuffed animals, and beside that she also has the Storabo playing mat for cars. Little Lyn enjoys playing with cars, hehe.

Overall I think her bedroom looks nice and organized. I'm including some photos for some decor ideas and organization tips.

This was her changing table when she was a baby.
Now we use it for her shoes, some storage bins, lotions and hair accessories. 

Her Frozen calendar, and her morning/night time routine.

Her play kitchen from Step2.

Her collection of reading books and board games.

Some of the things seen in her bedroom.....
PlanetBox lunchbox -
Perplexus brain game -
Fisher price ship toy -
White piggy bank (similar) -
Flower touch lamp (similar) -
Rainbow lamp -
Turtle light with stars -
Orb lighting -
Crayola double board easel -
The New Children's Encyclopedia -
Colorful dominoes -
Monopoly Junior board game -
The Game of Life Junior -
Blokus game -
Morning / Night routine printable -
Table with pastel chairs (bigger) -
Modern electric sharpener -
Red Spin 'N saucer -
Step2 play kitchen -
Kitchen appliances (design is diff) -
Time timer -

Little Girls Bedroom Tour video:

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