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August Favorites / Favoritos de Agosto

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cruelty-free beauty + home decor

August for me passed by so fast! I was doing last minute home remodeling, it was back to school week for Lyn, and it was also Little Lyn's birthday party.

Busy month for me, but I enjoyed it. For the month of August I had a few cruelty-free beauty favorites, and some home decor pieces that I have been loving so much! Let me share them with you...

Cruelty-Free Beauty

One of my cruelty-free beauty products is my new cover stick. Lavera cover stick is new to me, I hadn't used this brand before. What caught my attention is that it's vegan, and organic. One of the main ingredients is witch hazel. The consistency is thick and it's not easy to slide on your skin, but I like this because it means it will stay on your skin without fading throughout the day.

Another favorite is my lavender oil. With the preparation of my upcoming beauty eBook, I'm learning more about essential oils for beauty use. If you have acne prone skin one of the benefits with lavender oil is that it will help to fade away previous spots, and also protect your skin from the sun. Just dilute it with an oil like jojoba oil, or almond oil. Your skin will appreciate it :))

In the past I have used Dr. Bronner's Pure-Castile soap in cherry blossom, but this time I bought Dr. Bronner's Pure-Castile soap in lavender. The lavender scent is subtle, and I keep it in my bathroom to use it as a shampoo. It leaves my hair clean, but I feel like it can by drying. I make sure to use it along with Not Your Mothers conditioner for really soft hair.

I love Lush for their handmade beauty products, and for making their products vegetarian / vegan. This time I went back to buy again the Vanillary perfume, but the lady working at Lush recommended I use the massage bar. I loved the scent, which is a mix of floral and baby powder. I like it so much, and I have been using it for my skin. The residue is a bit oily, but I feel it hydrates my skin really well.

Modern Home Decor

I like how our home is coming out, and I keep adding more nature elements. This time I bought a Himalayan salt lamp for our bedroom. Not only it looks cute, but it has many benefits. I helps you sleep better, alleviates asthma and allergies. You can also adjust how much light you want, but keep in mind this salt lamp is really heavy.

Another favorite is how our living room wall looks. The wall was plain and I knew it needed something, so I thought about adding a Chevron wall decal. It's gold tone, and it looks amazing. It has a geometric sort of design, and it was easy to apply.

The last addition for the living room was a way to display our family photos. I wanted something simple, and modern. Lately I have really been liking Umbra home decor pieces, and this time I found the Umbra photo display. You can hang it vertically, or horizontally. I decided to apply it vertically to make the strings look straight down. It comes with all the mini clothespins, and also a set of card photos. Love it!

These were my August favorites with cruelty-free beauty, and home decor modern pieces.

What were your favorites? Let me know, and until next time :))

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  1. Umbra has some great products; I used to work for someone who was a sales rep of theirs so I would get tons of stuff for free! I really want to try that massage bar from Lush too. Great list!

  2. Great list and really nice blog. Love the look of it. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Love these picks, anything to do with Lush is always on my favourites list!

  4. I think we'd be best friends ;) Dr. Bronner's Castille soap is my absolute favorite to use & I also love the benefits of a salt lamp! Xoxo!

    -Kat Pavlos

  5. I ordered a Himalayan salt inhaler that should be arriving in a couple of days. I can't wait to use it! If I like it, I am going to get a lamp too! My sinuses need it in the Fall and Spring.


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