Friday, September 8, 2017

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Before Hurricane Irma strikes us

Hurricane Irma is making major destruction along its way, and it's one of the biggest hurricanes in history. I'm sad to know Barbuda island has been mostly destroyed. Much of Puerto Rico has no electricity. And Florida's faith is still unknown...

Zones have been created to know which area to evacuate, A through E. We are in Zone C, and it was announced it should be evacuated. To be safe we have left our home, and left to Hollywood. My boyfriend has an apartment here, and all windows have been secured. So we feel a little safer here.

I have in my prayers Lolita from Miami Seaquarium. She has been left in her tank along with all the aquatic animals to fend for themselves. Please don't support the aquariums and zoos. I pray for all the stray cats, and all the farm animals. I also pray for strength to those who already have been affected by Hurricane Irma. I also pray for all of us that live in Florida.

We are worried, and I had to stop watching the news. It was affecting my health, and I couldn't stop feeling stomach pain from all the nerves.

In this video I'm getting ready to head out and see what else I can get to be prepared for Hurricane Irma. So get ready with me....

List of makeup products:

Rose water
Vitamin C serum
Osea lotion 
100% Pure foundation
Beige beauty blender
Lavera cover stick
Milani face powder
Pacifica blush

Coconut lip balm
Lush matte lip tint
E.l.f. lipstick

Seche nail polish

E.l.f. double pencil
Natural Kajal eyeliner
Eyebrow stencil
Pacifica mascara

MOA leave in conditioner
Shea Moisture hair milk

I like to use cruelty-free brands that tend to be natural. Please have us in your prayers, and until next time.

"Please have us in your prayers"

Get Ready With Me video:

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