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Find Love / Encuentra el Amor

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How to Find Love Using the Law of Attraction
how to manifest love with three steps

I was single for so many years. To be exact I was single for six years after I had Little Lyn. I went out on dates but never met anyone that I liked, or someone that liked me back.

I wanted to have a boyfriend, and I didn't know what I was doing wrong. It wasn't until I truly started enjoying being single. When I was not looking for a boyfriend, this is when the right person came into my life. I met George my current boyfriend.

You guys kept asking for more law of attraction topics, so here I share three things you can do to find love.

3 things to do to find love using the (LOA) Law of Attraction....

Step 1 - create a list of 100 things
At first a list of 100 things might seem like a lot. In this list you can add how you want your ideal person to look like physically, type of personality you want that person to have, or lifestyle preferences. As you write this list 100 things might seem like it's short. Have fun creating this list.

Step 2 - take action and be creative
This is the fun part. This is where you get to imagine that special someone is already part of your life. You can have a box and start accumulating gifts you will give to that someone when you meet them. You can record voice messages as if you're calling that person. You can serve food for two. You can make space in your closet or dresser as if telling the Universe you're ready to make room for this person in your life. Be creative, and don't limit yourself. 

Step 3 - wait and receive
Don't ask the how or when. If not it's like you're not trusting the Universe. It's like when you go out to eat and you order food from the server. You don't keep asking when you're going to get your food. You do know you will receive it. Same thing with the Universe, please know that you will meet the right person at the right time.

"Thoughts become things. If you see it in your mind, you will hold it in your hand." ~ Bob Proctor

These are my three tips on how to attract love using the law of attraction. I shared some of the personal things I did to find my current boyfriend.

Some of the things my boyfriend has that I had written on my list was to find someone independent living on his own. A responsible guy, and attractive to me. A guy that liked cats because I had two cats.

Have you ever manifested anything using the law of attraction? I've been using it for years and I have a video where I share things I have been able to manifest. I also have a blog post on how to create your vision board. Until next time :))

Find love using the law of attraction (LOA) video:

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