Monday, October 9, 2017

September Favorites / Favoritos de Septiembre 2017

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cruelty-free beauty + home decor + more!

Can't believe we're only a couple of months from the year ending! And this time I'm so excited to share my favorites from last month.

As always I like to share a little bit of everything. A have a little of cruelty-free beauty, healthy things, and more. So let's begin....

Every time I go to Whole Foods I like checking out their cosmetic aisle. I noticed Pacifica had a sale going on, and what caught my attention from the blush were its two main ingredients, coconut and rose. Two of my favorite ingredients in a blush? Yeah, had to get it! It's the Pacifica blush I'm using every day and I love that it's cruelty-free and vegan.

Another beauty favorite is something basic. It's a cute way to hold your beauty blender. It's bronze and spiral. I noticed it also comes in gold. Just a neat way to organize makeup.

Another beauty related item is my new makeup brush clean mat. This is an efficient way to get your brushes clean. It's a little bigger than I expected but overall it's great. It has different textures depending on the type of brush you're cleaning. It also comes with a second smaller piece.

Home Decor
If you already follow me you know how I like bringing natural elements for home decor. This time I have three beautiful gemstones. I got one in blue, one is gold, and one is pink. They are so beautiful I could look at them the whole day. They add the perfect touch to your home plus they bring in positive vibes.

I got new pills! My new capsules have spirulina and chlorella. I'm so excited about taking these because the benefits are amazing. Combined they are the most potent superfoods on Earth. They cleanse the body of toxins, increases energy, boost the immune system, improves brain focus, memory, concentration, and the benefits are many more. I really recommend you do your own research. These are organic and vegan.

Along with my vitamins, I got a new vitamin organizer. It's a convenient way to store your pills in one place. Especially if you're going to be travelling. I like having my vitamins here for easy access.

Last thing related to healthy is the documentary I saw called What the Health. I've seen lately many people going vegan after watching this documentary. It's basically about how big companies endorse food products, but instead of making us healthy they are making us sick. This is an eye opening documentary to watch, and expand your mind.

These are my September favorites. What were your favorites? I would love to know!

Other things related to this post that I want to share is my vitamin collection blog post, and my cute cat ears that come in a set.

September favorites video:

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  1. ooooo I'm very curious to hear more about the make-up brush cleaning mat. Does it actually work? How does it work? what makes it better?

  2. I know! Where does the time go....2017 is almost over. I'd definitely look into the Pacifica blush. Nice!

  3. I love that beauty blender holder!! Such a great idea!

  4. I love having a vitamin organizer. It makes it so easy.

  5. Those brush cleaning matts are so handy! I have a glove that I love!


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