Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Shoe Collection / Colección de Zapatos

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It never occurred to me to make this video, but one of you guys asked me to show my sandals collection. I honestly don't have a lot of sandals, so instead I thought it would be a good idea to show more than that. I thought showing my heels, and doing a try on of my shoes would be better.

It's going to be about a year since I started living in this place, and my closet size is about half of what it used to be before. Living in this place my goal for this year to be more minimalist, and live a more simple life with less belongings.

I think I'm being successful because I haven't gone shopping in the past few months, I just buy the small necessary things.

I now live a vegan life. So it means that anything I buy regarding clothes or shoes I make sure it's not leather, or any other type of animal skin. I make sure it's faux leather, or another material.

Some of these shoes I bought before I was vegan, or some were gifted to me.

The shoe organizer I have is from Walmart. I try to organize my shoes by color. Lighter colored heels on top, and darker shoes on the bottom.

Some vegan shoe options:
Nine West vegan shoes
Steve Madden vegan shoes
Eco-friendly heel pads 

My current favorite pair of vegan booties are from Poshmark. I like Poshmark because you can find cute fashion pieces at an affordable price. If you want to save $5 from Poshmark.com use my username LYNSIRE as a code when you first sign up.

You can also check out my closet tour blog post where I share organization tips, and tricks.

What type of shoes do you like wearing? I would love to know! Until next time :))

Get $5 credit on Poshmark when you use the code LYNSIRE

My shoe collection 2017 video:

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  1. Love this post and bravo to you for doing video..I am so chicken to do it :/ Cool to hear Steve Madden has vegan shoes..I actually met him in person last month here in Seattle, it was so cool!


  2. What cute shoes! I am definitely a huge shoe lover.

  3. I desperately need a shoe organizer! My shoes are currently in a pile in my closet lol >_< love your shoes


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