Saturday, November 4, 2017

Vegan Snacks / Snacks Veganos

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big discount + Urthbox first impression

I've known about Urthbox snack boxes for a long time but I had never tried it before. As I was casually browsing through Groupon what vegan options they had I found Urthbox.

I thought this would be the perfect excuse to taste test vegan snacks.

Here I share with you all three discounts I applied to save $30 on my first vegan snack box from Urthbox...

First discount with Ebates
First sign up with Ebates. If you use my special link you will ge a $10 cash bonus. Make sure you install the Ebates button on your browser so that you're always reminded to apply cash back and coupons in various shopping sites. I also have a separate blog post where I share how I earn money online.

Second discount with Groupon
Second discount I applied to get my Urthbox snack box was through Groupon. In Groupon's search box I searched for 'vegan'. I wanted to see what vegan options they had, and this is how I found Urthbox. They have different snack box sizes: mini, small, medium, and large. I chose mini because this was the first time trying it out and I wanted to see if I like it. The coupon is applied for a three month subscription.

Last step: Order Urthbox 
This is the final step, and it might seem tricky. Go directly to the Urthbox site. Depending which snack box size you bought through Groupon, select the same one on the Urthbox site. In my case it was mini, and then select three months. Here you get to pick which type of snacks you want: classic, gluten free, vegan, or diet. I chose vegan. And this is the part where you have to call Urthbox to activate the code you got from Groupon. Once it's activated, the code should give a zero balance since you already paid on the Groupon site. Fill in your name, and mailing address to receive your first snack box. That's it.

I saved around $30 on Urthbox after I applied all three discounts! 

In my first vegan snack box I received various things. I got organic popcorn, french fries potato chips, an apple bar, clean teeth lollipops, figs, hazelnut spread, orange gummies, and a Moondani fresh breath spray. Everything was delicious.

I really enjoyed the variety of vegan snacks! These are healthier snack options comparing to the regular snacks you find at the stores. These I really enjoyed eating!

Have you tried Urthbox before, or will you try it if you haven't already? I can't wait to get my second box of vegan snacks and see what it brings. Don't forget to apply all the coupons if you order Urthbox. Until next time :))

Taste testing vegan snacks video:

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