March 28, 2017

29 Things I’m Grateful For

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Birthday gift from my boyfriend ♥

29 Things I’m Grateful for on My Birthday

Today is my birthday, and I can’t believe I’m 29! I don’t know why but I feel like I’m young, like in my early 20’s, haha! It’s hard to grasp that one more year and I’ll be 30! OMGoodness, time does fly.

When I woke up I saw a birthday gift with a balloon on our dresser. I have no idea when George had time to put it there. I must have been so sleepy that I didn’t notice anything. He gifted me a rode microphone! So sweet of him! I can’t wait to use for my next video, so stay tuned!

My boss also gave me a Gift card to Juicense. He told me it’s a new juice place in Coconut Grove. He included a menu, and everything looks so delicious. Can’t wait to go!

My family members have been calling me, and receiving texts from friends.And not to mention the Facebook messages. Thank you everyone ♥

So on this day, I want to share 29 things I’m grateful for. Here it goes….

29 things I’m grateful for:

1.    Grateful for my mom

2.    Sister bond – Because I love my sister Cindy so much, and is always available to talk to.

3.    Being a mom – I love my crazy, and so cheerful Little Lyn.

4.    My boyfriend – George is caring, and supports me in everything! I love the romantic relationship we have.

5.    Our pets – I love my two cats who show us unconditional love.

6.    Our home – Having a place to call home makes me feel thankful.

7.    My job – Because I do something that I like, and has meaning to other’s.

8.    Work from home – Because I love blogging, and create YouTube videos.

9.    Vegan food ♥ – Because no animal has to suffer for me to eat healthy.

10.    My health – I barely get sick with a vegan lifestyle.

11.    Cashew milk – For being the perfect replacement to cow’s milk.

12.    Nature – For all the beautiful mountains, and rivers.

13.    Planet Earth – For sustaining life, and being the most beautiful plant of our galaxy.

14.    Universe – For all the mysteries it carries.

15.    Animals – I love cows, pigs, elephants, etc. I just love them all!

16.    The endless books to read – Reading self-help books to grow as a person.

17.    Family trips – Have a good time with them.

18.    Eyesight – For making me see my loved ones, and view the world’s beauty.

19.    Angelical signs – For the orbs, and 1:11’s I get to see all the time.

20.    Freedom of religion – Being open minded, and accept people of all races, backgrounds, and sexual preference.

21.    Blogs – For allowing people do what they love.

22.    Cruelty-Free Brands – For cruelty-free makeup brands who don’t test on animals.

23.    Desserts – For vegan desserts that are plant-based. I love vegan cupcakes, and vegan cakes.

24.    Being outdoors – And watch butterflies, and sunshine.

25.    Clean home – For clean floors, and clean laundry.

26.    Favorite scent – My love for oil perfumes.

27.    Learning from mistakes – Makes me learn so much.

28.    Life’s changes – Makes me grow, and makes me the person that I am.

29.    Waking up today – and turn 29 years!

And these are 29 things I’m grateful for on my birthday! And I’m grateful for you for reading this! Have a lovely day :))

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