July 7, 2014

4th of July Weekend Recap

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FRIDAY July 4t

Good morning to everyone! How was your 4th of July weekend? We had an amazing time! In the past few years we really haven’t done anything apart from the sightseeing of fireworks. But this year we were invited to a Vegan picnic! It was at the Topeekeegee Park right here in South Florida!

The picnic consisted of everyone sharing a vegan dish. I was able to take cups, hot dogs, bagels, chips, salsa, gluten-free bread, grated Parmesan, four variety hummus, hot dogs, bananas, and water bottles. I really enjoyed the quinoa and all the greens. It was flavorful. I got to meet a single mommy who mentioned she has raised her daughter with plant-based diet since she was born.

Our yellow and blue tent. Compassion Over Killing

Little Lyn playing soccer with a basket ball, lol. This tree made me think of life. Resembles our veins, and rivers on our planet. 

My plate. In the summer I notice I crave fruit. Especially watermelon, and mangoes.

I had never been to this park but I did notice this park has everything! Tennis courts, bike trails, a big lake, water park, playgrounds, plenty of parking space, and a…………… water park! For pool time Lyn wanted to wear her favorite bathing suit! By Xhilaration chevron rainbow colored. She is into all rainbow colors. This was Lyns first time in a big pool. She was a bit afraid at first, but once I carried her and assured her everything was fine, and that it was going to be fun, she smiled, and from there, she was all smiles and splashing the water.

The water park closed ahead of time, but it’s ok. We got rain checks and we can return back any time and get in for free.

We spent so many hours at the park, but our day wasn’t over yet. We headed home to rest. We took our naps, and at 8 pm the fireworks would begin.

These photos were taken by the Brickell bay. Such a beautiful night with nice breeze, but as I’m typing this I’m suffering from itchiness all over my body from the mosquito bites. Not cool -.-

SUNDAY July 6th

Saturday was a work day for me. Sometimes I have it off, but this particular day I had to work. And the afternoon was rainy. So it was better to stay in.

Then Sunday we had plenty of plans. Sunday morning was time to get the groceries. I like doing my groceries during week days, before or after dropping Lyn at daycare. Lyn helped me find everything on my shopping list. With the addition of french bread and colorful fishes requested by little Miss Lyn. As soon as we got home she started eating french bread with vegan butter by Earth Balance.

Nappy time, and then headed off to Lush! If you don’t know what Lush is you are missing on the good, natural beauty stuff! They are all about being cruelty free and vegetarian/vegan. They had the Beagle Project charity event from 2 to 6, I called to see at what time they closed, and to my amazement they told me at 10 pm! We got there around 8 pm and was still able to support the Beagle Project! I made my donation and received a cupcake from Bunnie Cakes! They are seriously the best desserts in the city! I looked around Lush products, but it was easier for me to decide what to buy from the catalog. I ended up getting Latte lip tint, toothy tabs, and a body butter tin. I still wanted to get more items but was restricted on time by my mom. She already wanted to go back home.

I was hungry and at Lush they recommend Maoz Vegetarian. I went for the three falafel sandwich. and you guys, seriously the best falafel I have ever tried! I have tried Falafel at different places but nothing compares to the one they offer here! I ended up craving more! I went for the combo which included the sandwich, a side dish (I picked the bean-tomato soup), and a free drink (I chose iced tea). Everything for $11! After getting your sandwich you stuff it in with the yumminess underneath.

And look, they even have vegan rice pudding!! Hard to find in Miami!! Awesome! :)))

Until next year 4th of July!! We had such a great time with my little Lyn, kisses!

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