May 10, 2015

Beach Photoshoot


For me this was an unexpected photoshoot that turned out great! With my sister we had talked about doing a beach photoshoot for a while but I never knew I would end up liking the photos so much! It was Mother’s Day and we had given my mom her sweet reading cards and some gifts. After this we headed to a nearby beach called Crandon Park Beach that has everything you would like at a beach. They have plenty of parking space, a playground and carousel for kids, and the restroom has three separated areas. Changing rooms, toilets, and showers. They even have storage availability!! That way you can leave your beach essentials here without having to bring them each time. The beach also has lifeguards and more. It really is an amazing beach and I enjoy coming here so much rather than heading to Miami Beach which parking is hectic and full of people.

For lunch we took some veggie patties to make sandwiches and my mom took corn and homemade beet salad. We even had chips and coconut water. Times like these are my exceptions to indulge in junk food. I avoid having these foods at home to avoid temptation hehe. We had a simple menu but it was so good.

After lunch my sister and I decided to head to the sandy area that is located before the actual beach shore. It’s a big sandy area full of shade by the palm trees and nice breeze to have a perfect picnic. It was the perfect weather and so we started with our photoshoot. I had a lot of ideas in mind or specific shots that I wanted to get so I just guided her where to stand and described how to position the camera. With other photos she had a different idea so she just took those shots for me. In the end everything turned out awesome! Thanks sis!!

The previous ones were my favorite ones and the following ones we took when we were having a good time by the shore.  

Thanks for reading as always and see you until next time!! :)) I hope everyone had an awesome mother’s day too. And here’s the video from that day….

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