January 31, 2015

Best of 2014!

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Today is the last of January 2015, and I wanted to do a recap of the best moments we had in 2014! There’s quite a few things I want to share so let’s get started….

Vision board. 
This was a good accomplishment for me to finish at the beginning of the year. Took me a couple of days to go through a big stack of magazines to collect all the images I would be adding to my vision board. I started off my sketching in my journal the different areas I wanted to have on my board. From traveling, exercise, relationships, motivation, etc. In the end I love how it turned out!

New job!
In the beginning of 2014 I got an unexpected call, I had been hired by Chase!! I left my Supervisor position at Ross and I was beyond excited to start working for a big company! I had a part time position here so it gave me room to have a second job. For a while I worked as a personal assistant for an artist creator. When I no longer worked with this person, I did a little bit of Quickbooks on the side. I left Chase mid summer, and found a new job where I am now.

A congrats cake by the Chase manager.

I put Meetup.com to good use! Thanks to this site I was able to find fun events and connect with like-minded people. I attended Vegan Speed Friending on various occasions. It’s easy to find vegans on Facebook, but it’s awesome to meet with them person!

Yummy food from vegan picnic on 4th of July.

Met sweet Megan!
Megan Parken from YouTube! Usually I don’t go to events if I know I’m going by myself, I always like good company. I wasn’t able to find anyone to go with me so I had to go on my own. I surprised myself by going, even more if I know I’m going to be driving. I never get over my fear of driving alone, don’t know why. It the end it was worth going and meeting her. She was so sweet, and later I spent some time at the beach. Vlog from this day here.

Got ortho- k contacts.
If you’re not familiar with them, basically they are contacts that you wear to sleep, and take them off when you wake up. They reshape your cornea while you sleep. Throughout the day it will give you clear vision! 

Eye Desire at Miami Beach.

Yoga Saturdays: Achieved Yoga Headstand!
At the beginning of the year I wasn’t too active but that’s because of the multiple jobs I had. Once I left Chase I had more time for myself. I started doing yoga more regularly and even learned how to do the headstand! This video taught me how but it’s in Spanish.

More active in general.
Just in general I got more active. I started running once a week. I know it’s not a lot but it all starts with baby steps. I also started hitting the gym more often. Taking advantage of zumba, and yoga classes they offer, and my favorite, the sauna room!

Found kitty.
We went out for a walk like we usually do with my little Lyn and my mother. We heard meowing! What was it? It was a black/white little kitten! Afraid, and scared. We headed to our local grocery store to buy a can of cat food and grab a box to have something to take her home with. Our initial idea was to take good care of her for a few days while she recuperated from being so thin but eventually she ended up staying with us! We love her ♥

Lost and afraid 🙁

Came back to Facebook. Sept. 25
After more than a year of MIA on Facebook I decided to come back. I initially left because it distracted me of my goals, it would make me spend too much time liking, and looking at other Facebook accounts. Good thing that came out of this I got more involved with my Instagram account. I found quite a few inspiring accounts, and to this day I love using it so much!

Enrique Iglesias & Pitbull concert. Oct. 26
Love & Sex Tour. I had not been to a concert in over seven years I believe… I don’t have a valid reason for this. I ended up meeting with four of my friends, and it was awesome!! This is where I got introduced to JBalvin, he was the opening artist. Now I’m a big fan of his music as well! Vlog from this day here.

Thanksgiving at Santas.  Nov 27
Now it’s a tradition for our family to spend this special day at Santa’s Enchanted Forest. Santa’s is a special theme park for me because I have been going here yearly ever since I was a little girl. Now that I have my little Lyn I want her to experience the same. I have a vlog of this special day for us here.

Concerts for Lyn. 
This year my little Lyn got to experience two concerts, Disney on Ice and Marvel LIVE. Disney was a success for her. She enjoyed seeing Tinkerbell, Toy Story characters, and Mickey with Minnie. She also enjoyed Marvel except for the parts with the unexpected loud noises. Few kids ended up crying, but overall it’s a great show for kids. 

Got more into YouTube.
Not much as I wanted but I got to add more vlogs of our daily life, and more beauty videos to my English and Spanish channels. My take on it is to share videos with cruelty-free beauty products, and humane outfits of the day videos by not using leather, wool, fur, etc.

Read more books.
Some of the great titles I got to read were Life Without Limits by Nick Vujicic, Evidence of Harm
by David Kirby, Make an Informed Vaccine Decision by Mayer Eisenstein, Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler, and by the end of the year I started reading a fiction story Reincarnation by  Suzanne Weyn. It’s about a couple that keeps reuniting throughout different lifetimes!

What a great year that was for us! Can’t wait to see what 2015 will bring for us! Let’s do this!

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