April 10, 2015

Best Reads #2

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Hello, hello, this is the second time I do one of these series, my best reads. The first one you can find it here. Here I talk about articles I come across while browsing the net, or some that I find shared on Facebook. I like reading a lot online and I thought it would be a great idea to share some of them.

Amazing Discoveries
Here you will find a list of artifacts that have been found in different parts of the world from different time periods. It makes you question, hmmm, how was that made during that time. How did people have the knowledge or the capacity to create such things. Were they human creations, or made by higher intelligent beings? I was mostly impressed by the Stone Spheres of Costa Rica.

Time in Perspective
This just blew my mind! I think this is the best explanation I’ve seen to this day about how short humankind has existed compared to the whole time the Earth has been around. Here you will see illustrations with color bars with important time events. From the time the first iPhone was selling, to the Egyptian civilization and other historic time events. To put time into perspective this way just demonstrates how life truly is short. Our existence here is merely a blink of an eye. 

Sleeping Naked is Good for You
To be honest I have never slept naked. As a little girl I had to share my bedroom with my younger sister, so sleeping naked never crossed my mind. And now as an adult I guess I got so used to it that I never thought about sleeping naked either. In this article you will find the benefits of doing so. I see the reasons, not worrying about what to wear to sleep, wearing clothes can disrupt your body temperature, and can be more satisfying if you have a partner. I don’t know, I easily get cold and I know I need to wear something to sleep so that I don’t freeze myself in bed.

iPet Companion
This site is too cute. I’ve known about it for a few years now and I even had it saved in my bookmarks but forgot I had it. I was cleaning up my links and decided to check it out once again. I kind of forgot how adorable it is. It’s a site where you get to play in real time with animals waiting for adoption in various shelter locations. When you enter the site, you pick a shelter from the map, and the live video will start loading. You will see a button to move the toys up, down, left, and right. Enjoy every minute of it because time is limited to two minutes.

Before and After Photos
In you’re just getting into photography or want to add better quality photos to your Instagram account this will be helpful. It contains images with the before and after with a brief description of the effects applied using Lightroom. You can create stunning photos by using one program and depending on the photo you can modify the exposure, highlights, saturation, and shadows. Very useful.

Pick a Crystal
Not sure how accurate this is but for me it felt precise. I picked the blue stone, Opalite. It says this stone represents freedom, success with goals, and Angel communication. To me it felt like another confirmation that I am heading the right way, to just keep going on. I read comments from other people saying it also felt right for them. You can just try it and see if the explanation resonates with you.

It’s kind of late now but for some reason I feel more inspired to write at night time right before going to sleep. Mishi enjoys being with me the whole time observing me from the table or waiting for me to pet her head. Of course she is always welcomed to interrupt me at any time hehe. Until the third Best Reads. Off to bed now. Nighty night. I will post this tomorrow morning.

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