June 16, 2015

Best Reads #3

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I have noticed this has been a popular section on my blog and people seem to be enjoying it as much as I like them. This time I only have a few links to share because now that I’m focusing a little bit more on my videos I have less time to read articles or blogs online but they are still as interesting as the previous posts I have posted. So here we go and I hope you like them too….

Sun Gazing
Have you ever heard of sun gazing? I heard about it a few years ago when I was searching online for a few ways to relieve eye strain. Our eyes can get tired from being in front of a computer or any other device for a prolonged period but sun gazing is not only about the eyes but actually more than that. Sun gazing is basically what it sounds like, to gaze at the sun. Sun gazing has amazing benefits that is beneficial to your health. Sounds so simple but it’s all about commitment to actually see results. It involves trying it out for a few days, weeks, and even months and the best thing it only takes a few minutes to start with. I really wish I could try this for myself but I live in a building with no view of the sun during sunrise and sunset but maybe you do and you have nothing to lose.

Heal Your Eyesight Naturally
Do you have to wear glasses or sometimes your eyes feel fatigue from being in front of a device screen? This article has great tips to ‘destress’ your beautiful eyes. Our eyes are in constant movement throughout the day and sometimes we don’t look at long distances when we fixate our eyes on our phone, laptop, or on a book. I have learned that every few minutes when we distract ourselves at seeing anything nearby we should take a few seconds to look at something that is far away. I often look at the sky because it just fills me with peace. Right now I just had to gaze at the sky :)) So it’s all about a combination of a few simple exercises and the right foods to maintain our eyes healthy.

Keanu Reeves Life
Who’s your fave celeb?? I always had favorite female celebrities but never knew which male actor to say it was my fave until I read this article about Keanu Reeves. Reading this made me learn more about him, and know things I never imagined he’d gone through. If you read the article you will find out all the hardships he’s gone through practically all his life ever since he was a baby. Now I understand much deeper behind that intense stare he tends to have. Despite all the fame and money he remains true to himself and he’s so humble. Now I admire him so much and only wish him happiness in anything he endeavors. He’s become my favorite male actor.

Shell Cavern
Oh my goodness! I had never seen anything like it and I only see beauty and much detail put into each wall of this cavern. ALL of the walls are decorated with specific shells to create a full masterpiece. Combining shells by color and size this place is captivating and full of magic. No one knows for sure when or who built these walls or what purpose it served. But I do know one thing for sure, I want to visit it one day! It just makes me wonder where they were able to get all the shells from and how long it took to finish? Wouldn’t you want to go one day too?

So that’s it for now. Thanks for reading and passing by! I hope you enjoy these articles and until next time. Have a great day :))

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