November 24, 2014

Book Fair / Feria de Libros

Lyn had not attended a Book Fair before. This was the time to take her. Our day started at Target. We were doing doing some Christmas shopping. Lots of paper gift wrapping and a few Christmas tree ornaments I ended up buying.

We got home to drop off our items, and headed to the Book Fair! Years ago when I was a girl the Book Fair used to be free. Now days children under 12 is free, adult price is $8, and people over 62 is $5. As soon as we entered it was kind of crowded. We still had space to walk comfortably. Coincidence or not but as we entered the first stand included vegan books!! I met the author and she told me she used to work for a TV station. We continued ahead noticing books for children, spirituality, Muslims, and even tiny books! Cute to collect!

With a lot of food choices for meat eaters and for plant eaters they had like a mini Farmers Market. I got a natural melon smoothie from the juice stand. I also wanted to try the Spinach Empanada buy they ran out. As we kept walking we found different book characters. We saw Clifford, Huckle Cat, and others. They even had events for children. One where they had nurses teaching kids the right method to brush their teeth. They were also taught the importance of washing hands thoroughly. Kids were applied powder on their hands. Then they were instructed to wash their hands with soap. After they rinsed their hands kids would place their hands under a purple neon light. They were able to see if any germs were left behind. After completing all assignments they were given stickers. 

Such a great day and the perfect event to spend with the family.


Thanks for reading, until next time!!
Gracias por leer, hasta la próxima!!

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