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    February 11, 2015

    Cruelty-Free Baby Drugstore Brands

    It’s sad to even think about that a lot of beauty, cleaning, and baby products test on animals. We are in a modern era where so many alternatives exist but these companies don’t see it as an option when it’s not even required by law to experiment on beautiful creatures. These animals includes rabbits, rats, cats, dogs (Beagle Freedom Project), monkeys, etc. To me these companies is not worth buying from. I don’t want my money to contribute to these…

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  • Labels: Baby Jaslyn

    Jaslyn’s Baby Bedroom Decor

    Welkome to my daughters room. When I first started decorating Lyn’s room I knew I wanted the theme colors to be pink and purple… [click on images for large view] The curtain is purple,…

    October 10, 2010