April 21, 2016

CloudPets Review!

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CloudPets review! A new video is up in the Mommy’ and Lyn’s channel. This time I review her toy CloudPet that Little Lyn has been liking for many months now.

As a surprise I gave Lyn the cat CloudPet a few months ago. She had been telling me for the longest time she wanted one. I think she saw the CloudPet for the first time in one of Qubo’s tv commercial’s. I let some time pass by thinking she would forget about it but she didn’t, haha! She kept asking, and asking and one day I surprised her with the cat CloudPet! Her eyes brightened as she discovered what was hidden in the box and she was so happy!

I recorded the CloudPet review while Lyn was in school so I took the time to write some notes to talk about some likes and dislikes about CloudPet now that we’ve had it for more than a few months.

Just keep in mind that in order to use CloudPet you need to have a device 30 feet away and be able to use it via bluetooth. This can be any device like an iPhone, iPad, or Android. And anyone from any part of the world is able to send messages to the CloudPet as long as the adult allows this permission. Most of the functions will have to be done from the CloudPet app. With the CloudPet app you add the users, so most likely an adult and a child. If you have more than one child with the CloudPet app you can add multiple CloudPets animals, and give permission to family members or friends to send messages as well.

Watch video below:

CloudPets Available:
CloudPets Puppy
CloudPets Kitty
CloudPets Teddy Bear
CloudPets Bunny
CloudPets Uniconrn
CloudPets Elephant

• With the CloudPet app you are able to send songs, and stories to the CloudPet animal. There’s also one game included in the app called Barnyard Sounds. I only wish they would have more songs and stories available. Right now there are 5 stories available, three which are free, and two that costs $1 each. The three free stories are: Starburst’s Rainbow Journey, The Worst Parents Ever, and Sassy Cassie. The two paid ones are: Jack and the Beanstalk, and Little Red Riding Hood. And as far as songs, 6 are available. The first foud are free: Ba-Ba Black Sheep, This Old Man, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Welsh Lullaby, and two that each costs $1: CloudPets Lullabies Pack, and Original Lullabies Pack.
• And of course, another like for me would have to be the excitement of seeing Little Lyn play with is. She really likes it so much!

• Since it’s only me and Lyn that use CloudPet I wish there is a feature where we automatically send and receive messages. What I mean by this is, if I want to send Lyn a message I have to go into the app, select Lyn as a user, and from the app I hit ‘Send to CloudPet’. This is a good option if more than one CloudPet is being used but for us this is just an extra step to make.
• There is no volume button on the CloudPet. I wish it had a scroll switch to make the sound low or high, but there isn’t anything. The only place where you are able to see a volume option is in the Sounds section and before you send a lullaby to the CloudPet you are given the option of Low, Medium, or High.
• When you enter the dashboard of the CloudPet app there is a background song playing in the back. I had no idea had to get rid of it for a while until I noticed there’s a way to turn it off from the Settings options. You go into the Settings section from the adult account, and here you select ‘Sound Effects & Music’ and choose to turn it off either for one or both for the adult dashboard and the child dashboard. I think a better option would be to have an icon accessible maybe on either side of the top corner’s of the dashboard to be able to turn it on and off more easily.

I recommend the CloudPet. Kid’s will like it and put a big smile on their face. I like that anyone that you give permission to will be able to send your child a message. This can be their grandmother, or cousin that is on the other side of the globe. I also like that stories and songs are available to be played on the CloudPet.

That’s it for my review of CloudPet that Little Lyn has been liking. Is this a toy your kid’s already own, or that you’re planning to buy? Let me know what you think, I would love to read from you! Thanks for passing by and until next time :))

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