January 2, 2015

Favorites and Facts

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Colors: Pink & Violet
Animals: Monkeys, Pigs, Horses, Owls, Sheeps, Cows, Lamas (Let’s just say all animals)
Food: Indian Food!
Drink: Green Smoothie
Stores: Macy’s, Ross
Clothe Brand: Guess
Shop: Jewelry, Shoes, Purses
Makeup: Mascara & Eyeliner
Fragrance: Pink Sugar, Miracle by Lancôme
Flower: Roses
Item: Canon Cameras, iPod
Photograph: Nature, Myself
Software: Photoshop CS3
Collections: TY Beanie Babies
Magazine: Cosmopolitan
Director: Tim Burton
Movie: The Island, The Notebook, Blue Lagoon
Cartoon Movie: Aladdin , Beauty & the Beast
TV Show: Heroes
Actor/Actress: Eduardo Verastegui, Taylor Lautner, Natalie Portman, Rachel McAdams, Scarlett Johansson
Fashion Icon: Kim Kardashian
Book: The Secret by Rhonda Byrne
Author: V.C. Andrews
Band Groups: Kudai, Moenia, Miranda, Belanova
Singer: Selena [RIP]
Music: Trance, Soundscapes
Dance: Zumba, Belly dance
Composer: Yann Tiersen
Instrument: Piano, Harp, Mouth Organ
Games: DDR, GTA, Tomb Raider, Banjo Tooie, Donkey Kong
Anime: Ranma 1/2, Monster, School Rumble, Naruto, Golden Boy
Holidays: My B-Day XD, Christmas, New Year’s Eve


I’m Vegan.
I tend to place my left hand on my hip.
I play with my hair without realizing it.
I never skip breakfast.
When I go out I always wear jewelry.
I have long lashes.
I open photoshop at least once a day .
I knew I was nearsighted at the age of 11.
I’m afraid of the dark, and fire O.o
I’m the eldest of three sisters.
It annoys me to have the caps lock key on.
When I get tired of using the mouse with my right hand I use it with my left hand.
I’m always turning off everything I see being unused, eco-friendly 🙂
I come up with the greatest ideas right before going to sleep., or when I wake up.
I never liked caffeine, occasionally I’ll have green tea.
I was vegetarian for a year.
Hate seeing animals caged up in Zoo’s.
I don’t like to have conversations when I’m eating.
I don’t smoke or drink.
I don’t like killing insects. 
I dream of going to India and China one day.
I like about ANY type of music.
I wish I could have the super power of becoming invisible.
I wish I could travel back in time when Egyptians existed.
I used to have a whole collection of the Teenie Beanie Babies .
I sing really good when I’m alone or with my daughter.
I play the lottery at least once a month.
I need to shower before going to sleep at night.
I’ve seen a dead person once.
I need to have hand sanitizer bottles in all my bags.
I’ve been called and compared to Jasmine from Aladdin.
I used to have a major crush on a bus driver lol.
I’ve been compared to Shakira on many occasions.
People tend to think I’m Colombian or Cuban.
I was Asian in one of my past lives, I miss my old family.
I’ve had one lucid dream experience at the beach.
I feel short compared to most people.
I’ve never had broken a bone.
I built the strongest bridge made of sticks in my chemistry class.
I’m hardly ever sick.
I always wanted to be in a real haunted house.
People who make me laugh fascinate me.
I get a sore back pretty easily.
I don’t like being tickled.
My favorite font is Rage Italics.
My room needs to be neat at all times.
I don’t like watching sports, I rather play them.
I love going to theme parks.
Occasionally I have psychic dreams.
I love dangly earrings.
I’m very good at keeping secrets.
I try to judge the less I can.
The smallest things make me happy.
I have never seen a shooting star.
I enjoy science fiction.
Fairies and unicorns are my fave.
Chinese rice with OJ makes me hiccup.
I hate the smell of vinegar and nail polish remover.
I can’t live without my laptop.
I enjoy the 90s music.
I hate dubbed films.
I LOVE surprises.
I hope there will never be an AIDS cure.
I wish Edward Cullen was my boyfriend.
I’m waiting to be abducted by aliens.
My dreams are often dark and is night time.
I know about law of attraction.
I was told my guardian angel is Brazilian and her name is Tanya.
As a little girl I wrote a story called “The Trip to the Solar System”, my sister loved the end!!…. not 😛
I enjoy being a mother.
I have a great sense of smell and hearing.
The greatest feature I have I think are my eyes.
My first camera was a Samsung and it was 4 MP.
I was followed by an unknown entity for three days.
I played the Ouija board once.
I am VERY fair.
I tend to be straight to the point.
I can be a perfectionist.
My blood type is O+
Secret dream job: Work for NASA
I replace my Cs for Ks. Kats 🙂
My celebrity crush is Eduardo Verastegui.
When I was a little girl I had a whole collection of Lisa Frank and Polly Pockets.
In the 90s my fave groups were the Spice Girls and the Backstreet Boys.
In elementary school my best friend was Argentinian and her name was Maria Santos de la Ventura.
In middle school my best friend was Chinese and her name was Qingxia.
Since then I’ve never had a BFF 🙁
My all time fave person: Adnan Razack, my graphic design professor.
I had a cartilage piercing but I had to take it off because it got infected. 
I want to go to the moon someday.
I believe in the pretties girls are the ones who smile 🙂
I don’t use a pillow to sleep.
I cut my own hair.
If I would have been born a boy, my name would be Robinson.

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