May 22, 2015

First Time in Key West

Can you believe we have lived in South Florida forever and had never been to Key West? We had been planning for this trip ever since my birthday was back in March. I had like a three part birthday celebration. First we went to the Ariana Grande concert, the following weekend we spent family time at the beach, and the following weekend was suppose to be Key West getaway. The weekend getaway never happened. We kept post-poning it but we finally made it happen.

I searched online the best places to visit and I came up with the following guide…

A typical selfie in the car.

That was our initial plan, but a few things changed along the way. Off we went. We left home last Saturday around 7 am and arrived at Key West around 10 am with the help of our handy-dandy GPS! haha. All along the way it’s full of sparkly blue ocean view. Mostly a one way drive lane to go, and come back. There was even a small beware section of deer crossing. Deers in South Florida??? I would love to see one! I also noticed a lot of cars with their lights on in the middle of the day. Why??? All the time I was considering turning mine on seeing everyone else had them on.

Key West Lighthouse. We found parking between Shavers Lane and Petronia Street to later realize  you could park for free along the houses. The Ernest Hemingway is a hot spot. We saw people buying their tickets to get in. Then across the road is the Key West Lighthouse. You have to pay to go in but we thought we had a really nice view from just outside. You’re able to go all the way up the lighthouse through a spiral staircase. I’ll leave this for next time.

Southernmost point buoy. If you want to get a picture here be prepared to wait in line. There’s many tourists trying to get their picture here as well. The line wasn’t long, we might have waited around 15 minutes. And there’s a trolley than can give you a whole tour guide of Key West. That’s something else I also want to do next time.

The Butterfly and Nature Conservatory. This is the place I was really looking forward to. The moment you walk in be prepared to be greeted by all the amazing butterflies. I had never seen butterflies with such a majestic blue color. The photos don’t do justice. At this place you will see big and small butterflies of all colors, stunning flowers, and my favorite, the tiny button quails! I had never seen them in person. I think they are so adorable!

As you head out they have a shop inside with everything butterfly than you can image. Plates, stickers, books, tables, etc. I wish I could have photographed what they had inside but no photos are allowed. Butterflies live on average for 10 days. For this reason after they depart these beautiful creatures are displayed in acrylic cases that you can take home.

The weather was so hot but something else I couldn’t stop noticing were the vintage looking houses. As I told my mom, to me they looked like doll houses. It would be nice to have a house here.

My Silly mom haha.

I would have liked going to a vegan joint but we went well prepared with enough snacks. I made sandwiches with hummus, lettuce, tomato, and my mom took veggie patty sandwiches. We had chips, and fruits, and we also had plenty of water, coconut water, and Lyn’s favorite, apple juice. After midday we were starting to feel tired and started preparing to come back home. That’s when by coincidence we found this beach on our way back and decided to check it out.

Coco Plum Beach. It was mainly dry and it was perfect to walk along the shore. It was so relaxing to walk on the warm sand without getting burned. I had never seen a beach like this one and I was in awe the whole time!! Lyn kept finding hermit crabs and she enjoyed it so much. If you need to use the restroom don’t be surprised if you can’t flush the toilet, they have compostable ones! How eco-friendly is that?!


We had such an amazing weekend. I definitely want to go back and visit other hot spots. I realize how much I love spending time with my loved ones and enjoy every minute of it. I plan on visiting other places this year and travel, so I just can’t wait!!

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