August 27, 2015

High School Dating / Noviazgo en la Secundaria

Hello guys! In my newest video I share my dating experience back in high school. I had no dating experience back then but at the same time I knew what I was looking for in a guy. From good it turned out bad and I was so confused. I had to make a decision and from this experience I learned so much. I also talk about a few signs that will let you know if a guy is really into you…

Maybe I can make a video later on where I can go more in depth talking about a few signs to know whether a guy really likes you or not. From my own experience on going on various dates from OkCupid, Tinder, and Badoo I have learned so much. I have many dating stories that I could talk about. From those experience I have a few things I can tell you right know to know if he likes you or not…..

Guy Advice
One – If a guy really likes you, he will want you to meet his family.
Two – If a guy make plans with you, he sees a future of you two together.
Three – If he texts you or calls you is because he’s thinking of you and misses you. He will call you because he enjoys talking to you and likes listening to you.
Four – No matter if he’s near you, or far (LDR), when I guy likes you he will prove it.

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Hola chicos! En mi video mas reciente comparto mi experiencia de salir con alguien cuando estaba en la secundaria No tenia ninguna experiencia de tener novio pero a la vez sabia lo que me gustaba en un chico. De algo bueno se convirtió en algo malo y me sentía muy confundida. Tuve que tomar una decisión y de esta experiencia aprendí mucho. También hablo de algunas señales para saber si de verdad le gustas a un chico.

Talves después pueda hacer un video donde hable con mas detalle sobre algunas señales para saber si de verdad le gustas a un chico o no. De mi propia experiencia después de  conocer a varios chicos de sitios como OkCupid, Tinder, y Badoo he aprendido mucho. Les podría compartir varias historias de salir con chicos. De esas experiencias les puedo decir algunas cosas para saber ahora si le gustas o no…..

Consejos de Noviazgo
UNO – Si de verdad le gustas a un chico, va a querer que conozcas a su familia.
DOS – Si un chico hace planes contigo, es porque ve un futuro de ustedes juntos.
TRES – Si te textea o te llama es porque esta pensando en ti y te extraña. Te va a llamar porque le gusta hablar contigo y escuchar tu voz.
CUATRO – No importa si esta cerca o lejos de ti (RDLD), si le gustas te lo demostrara.

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  • Reply Cassandra Churchill September 21, 2015 at 2:59 AM

    Your tips about whether or not a man likes you are very true, so many young girls end up chasing the wrong guys who don't truly like them and get hurt in the long run. Great advice!

  • Reply Rosalyn Osorto September 21, 2015 at 3:43 AM

    Thanks!! I think most of us do when we are young but with experience we learn! :))

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