July 19, 2018

Let’s help Stripey! He Has a Chance to Live

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If you guys have been following me for a while you know this is not usual of me. I’m the type of person who usually doesn’t ask for help, and I like to resolve my own problems.

But this time I’m asking for any type of help I can get. It’s not about me, it’s about Stripey 🙁

Stripey is a cat that started coming to our house about a year ago. Little Lyn decided to name him Stripey because well, he has stripes.

He’s so gentle, and sweet. He’s a senior cat, and he’s very independent. He likes to be on his own, and doesn’t like other cats near him.

We feed him morning, and evening and he eats very well. He drinks plenty of water, and likes drinking milk. Only problem is in a matter of weeks we started noticing he started losing a lot of weight…

I called my local animal hospital to make an appointment, and he was seen yesterday. The vet told us he has kidney problems :(((

The vet recommended he stays in the hospital for two or three days. This includes he gets plenty of fluids. But it’s really costly which to be honest I’m not able to afford. The other option is to euthanize him. But I don’t want to do that :(( I think he still has a chance if he’s able to walk, eat, and do his necessities.

He also has bad breath, and stumbles a little when he walks. His teeth and gums are not doing well either.

I got this from Google because I’m not good at explaining Stripey’s results, but this is basically what the veterinarian told us: 

“Cats with kidney problems have a reduced ability to excrete waste products into their urine, leading to a potentially toxic build-up in the bloodstream. While some kidney problems occur suddenly, chronic kidney disease shows up more slowly over a period of time. Timely veterinary assessment with ongoing supportive care and dietary management can allow some cats with kidney problems to maintain an adequate quality of life.”

He needs the help right away. Let’s give him a chance!

Please help Stripey in any you can! If I can get at least $1 from all my followers he can get the help he needs right away.  If you’re not able to donate please share it with family, and friends.

Any help is appreciated! Thank you very much. He deserves to live.

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Look how adorable Stripey is in this video:


More photos of stripey to make you fall in love with him ♥

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